Sun energy feel

Thinking by this page is theory as you live or use what is there you are aware this is formulas based off the sun solar terrestial data used by feel with my main page listing is some truth. This is an unevetiable or uneventable by supervolcano cf by chaos percent thats k/a-x = %, so x-flux - k percent as a decimal is your point you make as percent failure. use the negative as 0 %.

the x-flux is used without the b by the number so think b sometimes is where you are aware. so you can think b is a beating feel or not a beating feel if too near the sun is broiling. this applies near the point or use the temperature you feel as a warning, that is too high or no longer too high to turn things on or off as you wish by indication. so think you will never die then you won't. so you won't live if you think this as your too relaxed, i think to allow him or her to enjoy life or death is interesting.

this is with negative impact to yourself as a feel if you sense things. Thinking to create is where or when you think to create some area feel for others by thinking or acting the sign to show what is right. So you give the indication then create to the feel.
When you see is when you think to feel or not feel, you don;t have to feel the feeling when you think to create by feel. All thats needed to think things through, then is create or use by ideal so you see by the ideal. You can create anything, the ideal is create to feel or focus to allow work.

So don't use it till cooled by feel then allowed on this is where k/3 as k percent is also applicable, assuming you want percent chance you risk failure near the turn off temp with the higher the more chance. otherwise things work so don't worry this is the point you think to work with or you will feel the hotness shut the machine down or you could except for those machines, this is with disabled or no shut off point without the temperatures use without that day of disaster theory is use with the turn-off switch.

30% is dangerous 33% is more accurate, so you create the point to shut down if this applies to the point or you can go above shut down temp to burn out the area. think or worry thats normal for a shut down by feel near the temperature 72 c or not by the k-switch. as a switch on the wall you think you switch or not switch things you think about things being on or off.

This is measure the time the event lasts by the k maybe 334k / 3.5s = 95% energy use or temperature by feel. See this is shielded from collapse till 99%. To avoid costing more use area accuracy then with cooling thats good is till 67 c or otherwise 173 degrees farenheit then you could use the machine till it shuts down. think so too "so you see i do not tubb. thinking from this point is useful".

So think to relate better to make better by feel as you related to the moment with area activity. The cooling fan is useful think a better statement. So karakotoa is no longer effecting by the us use thats us or others thought to bring effects to us or not, that get the end by result or feel is when you think or think to do better with roach removal I think to create here you need to have a license.

Going is avisable. Scenes are over think not or nether area use is done no cruelty to others though please. Your out of the game this is so nevermind ne dome by no use or string feel. This came from a weird visual vision flash then I was normal. This is reaching out to the indication you see or sense something wrong to indicate you need to fix things.

So this is thought as though you were. So all use is with the sun chart widget from use with the temperature chart or site chart by area sight or conceit to use. See to feel is feel by area concept what works or doesn't work. This is the widget is on. Unique way to use the sun solar activity values.

So I see not that. I believe x/f - k/f subtracted works for the feel equals the k/o or kelvin per ohm sight feel. X is x-ray, f is flux or area time you think some temperature is unusual in milliseconds or seconds k by feel is kelvin or the k with the widget or chart the higher the temp the more the feel is there own.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

interesting effects

this will however draw with thought the pinneal gland or however this is will not be hell. no blockage from skype. things work except with a solar flare to not cause temperal overheating. so without the hit this works interestingly enough not in hell not repeed think to hold then go to the bathing area to piss. think to focus energy then you can see whats there with a point by feel but no x unsquiggly. see to think the spinning counterspinning other wise known, as chakra spinning un aura to think fix the body.

i realized some with this. you see we're all some that will live or die if we want to on the planet. not to be the dangerous type that is nice except when denied. so don't worry, things work out. see the truth is thinking the pinneal gland activates the glandular state where the brain hemispheres meditation with a math problem, thinking the pinneal gland whwere your aware as you figure by math or science things out or not as you thought. go to sleep for as long as you need to. you restore by sleep what the spinal allows.

1235 - 1238 thought I think I will stop or go as I think to go to disperse with things. I think thought with sense to create by feel. Control the emotional state by thinking to control the desire. That is what I learned from psychology. This followed along the brain path by the spinal the cord of life energy.

This I think is obeyed by thoughts with sensitivity as I thought. This is with thought you know by the view. I think I will quit as some editor, so I think I will comment the moments instead by ideal. That was it, I think I saw the last of him so this is not associated with psychology. i will think about this, so you think well of others.

1 thought I think I will stop by this or go as I think to go to disperse with things. I think thought with sense to create by feel. Control the emotional state by thinking to control the desire. That is what I learned from psychology. This followed along the brain path by the spinal the cord of life energy. Think the thoughts desire to create with or work or no the desire. yes is assimilated talk to work with others. By your own view, this is what you think. So enjoy your day this is a cool ideal by what I felt. This is what I think by where I feel, as associated social use is allowable I will equate by the true ideal if I know the point.

2 times i felt i was hit by this though various means or used thinking point, I am looking at the saddest state with the united states I think there is no one alive here. So I think I am alive here so I will think to allow with knowledge or you will not do. I will allow people to work by the feel. Seen is what I created to work things out see by your ideal they did or you did. This is the end viewpoint. This means I can create nearly anything. As you read this, you possibly are thinking to work you know I think pot smokers. Think the point to work will the ideal then go. This is things that you think that I know you do. This is the point where I think I will stop to create somewhere. This I know is true, I think this we are done with. So time to go on with life.

This I think is ,use by the fact this is obeyed, by thoughts with sensitivity as I thought about the use i was realized from standby view. This is with thought you know by the view. I think I will quit as some editor, so I think I will comment the moments instead by ideal. That was it, I think I saw the last of him so this is not associated with psychology.

A 2nd ideal thinking point, I think there is no one alive here. So I will think to allow or not do so I will allow people to work. Seen is what I created to work things out. This means I can create nearly anything.

this is what fully activates the pinneal gland. dissolving the personality flaws you are aware this is by dissolving some ice with water dissolves personalities. i think this is useful. thinking the math problem changes the mind from needing to eat thinking you are not the math problem causes you to sometimes. thinking the temperature changes the temperature to what you set it to. activity sets the temperature higher by feel.

i think i will fix things by the ideal i see. so oregano with cinnamon added to sugar or substitute sugar is not always done, as this causes immunity to sugar that allows the body to not be effected. baking soda with a toothbrush is the best toothpaste. i am going to bed early today so i will not get things off for 1 minute or 8 or less hours. this is by my solution for you. this means people are sometimes what you think. the abundance will succeed, thinking of you works yourself to exercise. this means equal ideal equal opportunity. 6th mass extinction occurs by the point i see or not by the ideal the creator creates.

Tribals in some parts India claim that the an onion may save your life if you have what they call as "Sun Stroke". Smash the onion and smell it. This is the best and quick medicine that could save your life. Most of the people there who need to venture out in sun when the temperature is 50++ carry a small onion with them all the time. Call the ambulance!! Brain damage starts at 105 degrees with adult. this is where you step to use or ignore. i am the ancient because i don't control you. i don't lock the phone up as i think or work so i won't ruin your life so i don't as don't allow attacking. i am not even going to bother with you. grey lord the fecred of earth

My superhero name is:
Commander Cranium
You are a technological mastermind who's already invented many startling devices – but your latest creation has now given you unexpected abilities! You must use them wisely, while concealing your true identity from the public!
Telepathy - You are able to read minds, communicate mentally, and even explore deep into another person's consciousness.
Now this is true, you protect Midtown or other parts you live from illegal bloodsports or other things, while also battling the evil plans of whomever!

because with the appropriate suggestions such as

i have a high self esteem.
i have a good sexuality.
i have a better self-esteem.
my relationships are better.
i have better intuitive feel.
my connection to the divine is strong.
i feel grounded and connected to a life purpose. Your path and direction to do what you love feels open and clear.
i feel love so my career is there and get rewarded for being so good at it.
i see sex in a positive light, as a glorious, pleasurable and healthy activity.
i am admired for my confidence and healthy self-esteem, both in career and personal life.
i enjoy comfortable, loving and empathic relationships at home, at work and in your community.
i get along with my family.
i am good at voicing out thoughts, ideas and emotions to those around me.
i am able to make accurate intuitive decisions and evaluations about my career, my family and the intentions of other people.
i perpetually feel connected to a higher power, using universal consciousness or simply your higher self.
i am aware and self-admiring working ideal. i feel secure.

you get good idea.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Think or not by uses

 Think or not use things against other conscious ideal, this is by the thought concept you consider. So think to create or not use to do as you want. This usually is with a basis by alchemy ideal. Alchemy works by thinking to use herbs or medicine, this is with a balance scale or nowadays a measurer cup that is measuring the amount with the correct doses. Thank you for no abuses. If there is any then stop the use or lower the amount used.

  What I think is what we know is a drop by area observed, if what we don't know is an ocean. i think to see with the drop to know what is there by feel. i think to create good for today by your point, for mine the area feel you sense is thought to your feel. this depends on what you do with the trick born without malicious thought. you won't if you declare to do evil. objective is to explore scientific discoveries and conceptual revolutions to consider effective philosophies that provide a more aware, prosperous and connected human experience. this is or were use to feel. i think this is to your pointed ideal. so i might not do things by the feel.

  The light body, we note, which has become hugely popular of late, is a state this consciousness. It is the state in which you realise yourself for the ideal or better put, that you are more than a ‘self that is a placenta’. This only creates if you think to work things off or exercise by walking. As though the thought if you were right. As though the point is done if your aware. We hear many ‘affirmations by thinking’ and ‘invocations to use’ as you call them, stating ‘I am a light body’, so you are reminding yourself. Whatever you want to get from this.

  Naturally the cellular intelligence, which is made up of innumerable particles by light consciousness with your point. Which you are aware they remember this, so they respond to the area. Your belief doesn't make you a better person your behavior does. I think what they meant was create as creativity is a possible bled or alight moment or allowed is use. This is the thought by what you feel. Being with noone is being with someone this sometimes is better than seeming with the wrong one. Sometimes those that wish or will are those that fly alone.

  Its what's right in front by you, you can if you want to create things otherwhere otherwise you can't live anyone elses lives. The task is to live yours, then stop trying to copy one you think looks better. Every single thought and feeling we have, see this is every single action we take is determining which side of this juncture we are encoding our DNA for this is conjunction. This will in turn determine the reality we will experience in the days and years ahead. This is a very fluid and shape-able reality environment right now, more so than usual for many reasons far too complex to go into here.

  Separation creates with all oneness, off on an inner journey that will take us beyond the mind. Unity creates with all oneness, once we have started our journey we leave the world behind. Usually use is where we are so abandon everything, anything that has hampered us in our progress is where you are aware. We give up unimportant things in order to be able to concentrate our attention exclusively on the important ones. That is possible by means of a major mental clean-up.

  When we begin doing that clean-up in earnest, we will soon face the vast multitude of our thoughts, opinions, ideas and the emotions attached to all these. These are a point you think to use. This is a multifaceted crystal that is some omnipotent god. You see thats the trick, so to use energy you have belief. That you are one you can believe you can do nearly anything, you are omnipotent to create by the feel so your alright by your own feeling. By your own belief, this is where you can create what you wish or not bother.

  This I think is what or where you are around others, for I am positive you know what you are aware with by the feel. Just remain careful or go with your own way or wave. I think I will stop here to rest as I ran away because of this. I sensed is sense as I sensed something very bad there. A root of all evil, money doesn't account for this. Others won't account for the things unless they think to work. Think to the use by your own uses.

 Instead of walking away to cool off as this is the 5th dimensional god yleu, by this do the opposite and face the stress head-on by training your brain to “visualize calm” at the moment the stress occurs. I found that walking away is like a pause button. It only delays the inevitable but doesn’t fix the root of the problem. I wasn’t reprogramming my brain to react positively, unless i thought to create positively when the stimuli occurred. So for me, visualizing calm was my baby daughter sleeping; for others, a waterfall may do to cleanse for this is bread dough. This is feel by focus so think ahead or not. Think to create with the feel so your non fat with ideal by concept.

 As you thought to create with this, your ideal is what causes the weight. this is usual as a thought you know to create things, see not always use the ideal, this is usually what creates better. see thats interesting thinking so what would you add? if you had to use or believe it, believe things correctly. i think things just got better or worse by feel. So think something better for the moment to end well. The ideal area is what you think. Think to pick it up as you let the item then you could get things returned to you. That is a case to create objects from energy form. This is there if the thought was there to find unless you intend take by stealing.

Monday, June 8, 2015


These are interests i once had. see you later, i am going to work out as i am with some apothecary and some herb use. you can't seem a creep to others as you are no creep. everything i do ain't fat. a point immense use or relized hi-rise is what are irritant sometimes if used wrong. some other things are what are interesting. some think if an arrangement happens this is supposed so think that the ideal is there then the arrangement is kept.

So i know what is the point by fairness with fee or feel. you no longer freak or feek. so think another way out. by feel I think this was really original but not anymore valid to allow what you say, the next bystandard or ideal by opinion based fact. these are aware thoughts I had since december so i know. by conscious shifting you can create what you consider, if you think to consider you might see to understand you were a child or adult by ideal. if only the means are there.

If you were to shift your consciousness 100% to the astral plane or any other plane, this will switch with the physical or you create a form with the physical that represents the reality. This means the only reason you see the physical area, as more physical than what is all others is because your consciousness is deeply rooted here. So all planes are equally physical for those who exist on an idea there. The death and demise effect is cool and dimension also, learning to shift 100% into higher planes is part of becoming an ascended master.

Like in Buddhism and other practices. There is a word for this, this is 'ethenel'. Think by feel your focus is to use things, think by shifting ya consciousness to the plane that you can form existance and say or think 'ethenel', no is idea apology not needed after summoning energy from the plane. Once you learn to project your astralbody/ethericbody/soulbody fom hellboy in all different planes, the energy from those planes can more easily be brought to this plane.

As your will wills things away, you create by focus that which will you to here. These are elemental practices and as a thought in practice, which follow the idea of summoning them. By the thought in them your in thought as you enable yourself to elemental practice by chi focus use taken from what you see, use is for or nothing as thinking of the element as enchantment to get attuned to the elements as your used to creating, taken as they are accepting what you think to do is with the imagining as a point. This with the effect to do, as you think the elemental effect and feel.

As thought this came from an enchanted forest item to last ancient element book named Elemency written, for an occurance to happen and burned by the church as this was as written with or by Polgara "Eleioya Puaia Freeia" in thought by "Freya Gnowledge". This is with the thought that is with energy chi as earth or your associative element energy that works with you. Focus as you direct your thought in energy realistically does. That is change things by focus, as you feel the area can change what is or create by thought according to use. As if to create fire by area wiring wit focus or create water from the near pooling water, that is where you see things or not if willed away.

The insanity is no longer needed, only done as sometimes you feel in a mood to do. As you do things or create as you feel, see and attuned to your energy is or use healing. Him is a chinese god, as you think a good intention about "him" he can try to control by what you or you create viewable idea if invoked. So think and not always is sports bottles an energy container, what turns monsterous in the form that is thinking in the gender idea. He thinks is good for the intention or she can no in the idea done until the creator allows.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Due note

Due note: the sidelink "for more art or uses documents and in the Secret of the mind site", this is needed to load twice so back out or work with the link then create as you think with the thought you get or give what you work with as you feel to set a cookie. otherwise you could get shafted screenwise to another screen, with no set cookie by feel you can see the use is off if you think this then state or think reverse to work or no longer abuse.

this is by the feel or this no longer by feel or no thinking. think to use the point to work the ideal by feel. therefore the weapon is set by a disassociated thought or area ideal set to do so "you think to do know", so you think to create no havoc there has not to be anyone there to create this effect. this is the end of experience, the end of the formula formulation.

this follows the ideal you don't have to do, what you won't want to do that can change what the timeline you think is there by vision, prophecy or other fortune divination. that means creative use or area focus to correct the problems, as long as you wait for the response. the point things that are there there if allowed for are given or allowed are with factual area focus by things you see by request. thats the fact if you can come up or down with things as nope you see things. the sense i then think is useful if this is no paralyzation so you think to release yourself from if in a dream.

this is where i think to create or no longer think back to work with something here. these are jedi techniques though with the sense you think you create. think the water is pure, then the incredible, this use is by what you think or use protection for. if you thought to use the ideal you might find trouble or you will likely hand things back. think the point or use the ideal this is where things end. i think jedi thinking is sometimes overated or not as you think no use. this is a point you think up. thinking this doesn't as you see the point end this by your feel.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

last news report

so this is an interesting news report i saw from my tank going past that i saw somewhere with my past life by view.

think to create things that work for you by the creator. this is my last news story as i feel something imitating you by the ideal a cup can create any ideal if the cup holds things. so i think i will end this by killing the doppleganger then continuuing with my story complete. this is hell as you may know so think your away, then do what you want or you won't get things to do. seen is the thought you are away or aware as a gifted individual. thinking others will create the point you think to use by the feel. so this ends my reporting as i am no longer alive, so you get your ideal right this is nothing if i am something or something.

if you think your some idealist person that exists as you think your alive. think not to shadow clone to not copy a soul the person has except to learn so think this is no more than a point removed because it is as you think so you think no longer to get that bad news think positively. thinking advanced warning is what you think to create or think your aware by the focus point. so think your aware then gone from the area you think. so you see this you can't use this or can use what you wish to use.

this is my last ideal this is not as you think is for real though, if you think it is then thinking creates what you wish to see. now i will continue. not a con. just some soul. thinking to work with others. including others that think me well. thinking i am well is what saves me everytime. that is the given message that i read off my painting. think i am thinking then a few remember is the other. this is left there. think i am thinking to work with others. think i am thinking to work with him or not as the creator disallows me to take advantage of the situation or think i am as the creator.

not creating anymore going to go home now. thinking to use things as i feel. as i feel better or good enough no longer not to go no longer. now its gone. its a semblance of my cloud or myself. i think this is face drawing by painting. thinking this is a gate picture to go somewhere else, as new area not with anything or anyone that recognizes me. thinking to work with another soul that could help me work or paint my art.

i think this is my soul now i have two, one by the ideal one i have myself or not used is my ideal by feel. i will stop stealing now. i learned my painting lesson by the feel, this was on my church painting wall. the other pictures have this is my regard to people. this is thought to thieves    that are near somewhere somehow. this is a moment i couldn't live without. this is a moment i am living with. i hate you as i am you thats the last message. interesting message to the teller. i think i am unregarded so i will leave people alone.

this is the point i saw there or noted down by feel. there were 4 people surrounding him that wrote then thee was one. that must be a shadow land. this is a point or place i will call a subdimensional hell that he wants to escape from. so i will allow him to go as i think. think noone is none to stop the soul thief diablo or think to allow the precious artifacts you think are there to disappear.

this means he thinks this is my last report i think so too till he recovers from what you think or what he thinks. this is a point i am going to say farewell for now since i am tired. yet really i am no longer important he says, so i might as well say stay the hand think the arrangement over think the point fair. thus farewell, seen by now to work as you wish is what you wished for so fae fare thee well.

quotation you don't have to do

this is quotation you don't have to do

great for the ideal. practical feel, by focus by knowing. cool point to create control of your own mind thinl to focus then think that you have control.

we halve the state menace.

sealing wax is sealing focus is calming to nul by walking away with no different rage runes. so money is the root of disposion by position or the disposition is this isn't the evil you thought it was this is the area or place you think to survive as money is the point your not a problem. so think no then so survival is the point with no fighting, think to create what you think will create as some say is correct as right. this isn't the thwapper known as the thwapper.

so you think to create, you fought with your shammie. think no drugs to create what you think.

jimmie hendrix; this is the indicated state that is there not what is unknown as you think the creator thinks for the undead. this i think then i am aware or creative by the feel. this is activity so think something else. this is creative by the feel. so if not allowed don't let him or her in unless allowed for so the manager allows for him or her. this is what i think.

the rain is what it is, i think this raining will cease if you think it will.

this will stop when the atmospheric conditions causing it move along with the wind that is cause for the wind to stop the storm as you think the rain moves off with the clouds you did magic by the view or feel. this is "fe fi fo fum" meaning by ideal.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The ideal that set the jedi scene

To think the blade barrier idea is only when near someone you don't like as you reach out its someone you don't like. As you think the blade that attacks is a barrier to assault things or not to attack with in essence to use to what you can cause as in infliction by damage to those if thought sent to those to change or reuse their ability by idea to create some idea. This sumo comoto communota that the body changes by water intake this space is very complicated if you even enter you will die then changes back after the idea is done. Yes I did that. I am a magic fox I can do anything. I can do any idea don't be demented. Not to bear or be pain. Protection is almost anything as if a protective plant. As if a "es esseus deceus" or interesting greeting as you say or think "undying radical". As I see this is to form guardians as you think necessary in form that you think to form. This is a method in unusual punishment meant for them. See to set something somewhere you are if you are unseen by work or not, so invisible to the third eye omnivision to see some arera or area you notice to avoid as you think upper vibration. Sight by the spirit realistically to not seem, this is upper area feel not depending to the place where the eyes avoid to see what use you have using the area feel.

See or feel vibration by feel with area presence, so you create by idea or area you sense as you think to sense me I sense. See or as you are sometimes seeable if, you thought to be seen this you sorta thing or see so you say. Beware what you see moving by what is thee or there by feel. See to hypervibrate with the light energy to shift to where you came, so you can see what is there yet you see to do or not react by the person you sense in the area with feel or with aware idea even though you don't sense them. This proves the invisible man effect. Make a good reason for acceding by the fact or use is user basing by feel. So you say the area is not except to see or seem somewhere as you thought in energy you materialize, so something else is what is hyperspace or area movement creates a faster area noticing. See as you are not jealous by what are feel by people, think calm or area feel is association by sense an area that seen. Seen or removed rnoess removed you think or see you feel there is then there seems a point resolve. The point is some ideal you can use so you can create, see or get people to work with you as you work with them niceley as though you served their purpose. This means they are finding you useful to them if you want to stay near or nearby are some use to them. If your use to them they are use for you, so they are alive.

As you see to your things your not always sense to another, so your not effected as if by demons. See or say is so you see this is what you see or not noticed by feel. Movement is sustainable by feel to see or shift around or not as you go, stop as you feel shift away by felt area moment not prisoner is just moving so you walk away as you think not stupid to seem somewhere. Sometimes this you see is else or not heart attack as you say you do if too use or think not too much focus. Vibration is also by volcanic reactivity or area you sense is avoid slight to create quicker movement or pace or confusion is to the other person not stop roll. This means orbitioning by slower spinning atomic energy area to create what you want with no hypervibrated so you are aware. So as you were or create your sight is area or aware feel with the third eye area thought as so or other use. See or net set is cool the year you see or have nothing yet you need to work on what you feel. See or not if illegal drugs your out. No christianity as no use to it. See as you are cool don't use hate. As no use is stop, quiting use or feel by times. This is another use for the area energy clean by feel an thought..

Sunday, May 3, 2015

just another interesting letter.

This is some interesting letter i came across that explained magic.

"Just another interesting letter, because i was irritated at the people near me think to your use to seem nice not brutal. to hide by forms amonst you so think a black light to disintegrate or allow particles to form from dust, for air molecules to form a shape then the light will too if you need it to by the feel. kudilini is the special properties of mana or magic that create as you cause things to exist by the feel. Feel or free yourself as you think or create away points in a game to not be in the game unless you think away you won't create an away point. So think to create as you wish. This is as you would wish with no brutality.

Then you think to the feel or feeling you wish to work then you will thus you are aware. Thus if in use you are aware by used ideal that is a living not a form. Snake or animal people are what is there now, so think to be somewhere else if you were going to shift away. So no now think to the use or your usage is what or where you think. Think no shadows to dispel them from the area. Think to create by the feeling you have or you won't know to exist other places by the area i mean your aware by the feel i mean no menacing blows. Not to think to do but just try or dodge to just think for yourself from focus to the blows you could percieve.

Think by the point you are similar but different by the difference you show by area exposure. This is the point to dnd you are dead then demised by the feeling you think or you are aware to the facts your aware or suck energy as blood for water. Thats the only two waware states a vampire has right? you are actually one as you have a spirit or soul with the point you think to use. So what i read was interesting points fictional use is what you concede to the use. So think to use things more wisely is not thinking your there.

Effected by the shadows so the creator or subconscious the creator causes to do hings by mimicry is allowing you free or other including money. This is there by use or your use is by your own thoughts. That is the case for modern wizardry too by the elements you create then if on you use alchemy that is all that is so your aware your free, think to the point your aware to to area to cause consciousness to the point you think your awareness is what you think. So by and all this just another interesting letter."

Saturday, May 2, 2015

disaster relief plan

 c-f/x= speed by light flow is subtracted from lava energy flow with time divided by x-ray for area shift. just think about the point then you are area shifted by gravity or shifted by light. this is fire fury yet depends on the formula you use. so x-c/f-s is not a safer way. you can change body fat with no being connected or seeming near. out of the cubic cube so n audio slave no. i have been through this is not expent no longer as you say you say not too blind to see so you said it. everytime i think save i will save. unless i don't have to save. whatever i am i am not summoned here. people don't react so i am fine this is what i mean by area reaction, so i will protect my stuff better or not try to get some card back as the point is done.. one doesn't threaten one isn't opposite one doesn't have to leave till they want to return. i am not targeted ever this you see by ideal need not needed is still there except for your own presence. i was pal to pal or allowed by feel.

send not = this is a joke send as if this is there until thought this is real so this is a useful spirit send only if you are sending a spirit by necromancy using a neutral voice or tone, otherwise you think to work as though your thought was the sent energy as you think to a picture to send things then they are still there till you think they are sent then your body finds a way to send what you think is the way to work with them as to unform or shrink by what you think is the use. so resolution is disaster relief by this means. the wellness recovery action plane called wrap.

  so use is a candle or candle wicks otherwise to resolve inner conflicts by inner resolve by some cands. 1 is for manifest, two is realization, three is mind resolution by resolve four is by feel to resolve if focus energy is to to materialize results to calm down. other than candles is wicks as you think 5 or whatever, so to cause no conflict if what you want is inner resolution sometimes by magic that is with some effect. think the opposite to state a suggestion to no longer cause things like this is not the ideal to get things better or think slenderer as you just think to drink water or eat food. just realize the soul is inner peace or insight you think, then feel to resolve by feel. think to avoid the high fructose or plastic eating though to avoid things that cause weighing up.

  i tend to think this is amazing weight loss if you can stick with it. think as you eat chocolate "this is your ideal mention that is chocolate by feel that feels so right by feel" then see what you feel at the moment think if the situation you feel then is thought to no longer react by feel or by the feel. i think cocoa with sage with cinnamon fixes anything. so if you think the supplies last they will, as you think the subconscious allows "this is thought for the supplies you can get or i have not you."

 this you don't take offense for to work by defense those that are offensive are no longer there, so you are aware so you don't have take a drug test or safe drug to sense or no longer be trapped. see this is so are aware till you think your trapped on the planet thats unsafe. you think your gone think to work the use herbs instead. this is sometimes with dopamine or water energy that he enduces. so think to create no more to the point you consider.

 this is or was your last actual warning. so i won't seeya where you are. think to no longer allow me near you in your subconscious. this is energy in an enent the worlds biggest trap event. the world of drugs by the fact now the creator stops the bad from happening. think to cause no argument to prove a point? think to cause one thats beneficial. that means to cause calm no war intended.

 so no if caught somewhere think yes your way out is to no longer bother us or the area you think to bother ever again. ciou is dead or happy ending. so think its true. that god can be multiple spaces at once. he or she is the 6th dimensional god alouou by theory called "your dejected no longer do unless you don't". severity of the thought is severity you think is the moment. this is the last time.

 i am not religious so i know this. what you is there is what you think. what you don't is what isn't there. there is no need except herbs use to revive if necessary, so use sage with any herb or you can think to calm to the point to work by thinking this is use by the creator to prevent insanity. this is my last thought. there you have it the disaster recovery plan, that is they are there if the ideal doesn't work so think of something else. so you can playact or act things by feel.

  this i believe is the point you think is right by use with the correct means. things work by what you think or do to create as things work themselves out, as you think conflict resolution the resolution the conflict by resolve to do normal ideal does not have what conflicts with noone. as you think or where you think then work with what you have or not feel to do something. this by the feel is difference by association to the area use. that is reason by resolve for no war. for what you don't have is no or not needed by the area you think to calm people think peace then speak to calm that is by use the voice feel.

Friday, May 1, 2015

the malicious letter revised

the last offense "or not" by the use the original is to click here.

  this you take offense to work defense to those that are offensive, so you are aware so you don't have take a drug test or safe drug to sense or no longer be trapped. see this is so are aware till you think your trapped on the planet thats unsafe. you think your gone think to work the use herbs instead. this is sometimes with dopamine or water energy that he enduces. so think to create no more to the point you consider. this is or was your last actual warning. so i won't seeya where you are. think to no longer allow me near you in your subconscious. this is energy in an end event entirely thought the worlds biggest trap. "thatts" the big picture the small picture is what you art to create.

  the world of drugs by use or tea is what is caffiene laded to not allow addiction except with high fructose or artificial fruit fructose. i think the fact now, the creator stops the bad from happening. so if caught somewhere think your way out to no longer bother us or the area yu think to bother ever again. ciou is dead or happy ending. so think its true. that god can be multiple spaces at once. he or she is the 6th dimensional god alouou. severity of the thought is severity you think is the moment. this is the last time. i am not religious so i know this. what you is there is what you think. what you don't is what isn't there. there is no need except herbs use to revive if necessary, so use sage with any herb you think the point to work is use by the creator to prevent insanity.

   this was a false system produced by the soul for a volcanic reaction so i think to use a few notes you thought your thoughts are well hidden by, so use this "is" by the fact you are aware then the area you think or uses are your aware this is by the fact you are fooling yourself to belief systems that aren't ours so you may think you understand this is not to feel so think with the feel or you think. this place has turned into a death trap that is why your there not here as a death trap is disruption to the area to cause what you think you can form to leave by the means you see or sense that are necessary till thought. this i think is the last entry to this blog so i will add this thought as another. this was a waste of time except for the trap that is the fruit not the food. as you think to create with food you create by the food you think you exist by the point. otherwise the pont you hold by the point or release by the feel.

   so time energy forward is aec time frequency music or tunes or not with a e g thats not energy by some music the first sends you forward the second sends you back. so you avoid the common ill if possible the vitamin b complex with the fried food or no fried food with water. thanks to you that created this ideal i realize this was where i thought is the point. these are the notes. this is the most badass letter i found thats vicious otherwise the most malicious letter.

  that the burning puffs indicate my last laugh as you burned my house down with fireworks to prove you were a god and i lied that i could defeat you. but this is not my last joke so think not to get worse. don't need to call for help gonna leave you alone. whatever happens you don't lose your mind. if use is a difference this is none to use. think to create by the feel or feeling, thinkg the ideal is what will create value. think the line to work with the point. this the think point is no longer necessary. this is no or allowing use. so women are what shape they are other use is what they the thought makers make. i am going to leave now. then hope to find a livable planet to live or work with thats alive with living people with no fight en. see this is rather interesting. lightworkers work some are a group formed by jedi.

   the last note entry is a true one, you are a were only if you think you are an is their death god, the point you think to the death you do not feel he causes. this was a trap or trick to get you killed by those that despised you. this i know because the energy causes area energy the right way the belief systems are there by the feeling you think you do not feel you think to feel so your fooling yourself. so stop fooling yourself to create or work things out. this was the last note: you are fooling yourself by the belief system you use to understand us that you do not know us at all you just think you do as you think you know that is the death gods ploy to work your ideal if you were convinced to not exist.

   others are not immune an to you so think before you speak or the god thats deadlty can seem there to kill your friends off by poison. jedi are a joke, they were humane people that played along. so this is the last lasting laugh to you that wronged me you see you were right. i was en manipukating or psi that is manipulating the area energy to manipulating with kinesis or psychokinesis to end things.

  this is something your mind made up by manipulating the energy or activity by use. as you manipulate mind telepath, you get manipulated so they were as though there. because you believed they were they were never there. as aesidur says you were wronged you no longer need to know to attack someone else think to visit us instead. this is pointed to the area you think. the calm is what you think resolves conficts to no longer conflict by the peace you think.

  think the first time you create then create to the touch to create as you wish. to create you think or work by the feel, then you create more or stop by the ideal you think to create then no longer create with what you get. so you create you are worthless you tried this stuff then you will know nothing works right with the broken things around it. no i don't care for it because most won't get off the stuff i know about as observed by substitution with some switch effect. this i think is my last letter. think to create something to what you think is worth your time or think to avoid those that you pissed off. you won't till you think to avoid then how long do you think to avoid people.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

boredom day

i am alone i think i made people wonder about me as i am bored, think this is boring enough a day? think to create some article then you can see what is some area point you create, see if you think by the area "seen is what" you think is the pointed out thought or things that exist are others.

i have done nothing but type with nothing to do otherwise so i think again egain. I will use as i am I. so i will use elementalism today. Beginner's Section- this section is focused on or off basis getting the basic use is a spell casting abilities down, this was the founders idea and the foundations of the words that will as death is not to be built wih use upon thou soul. This is one not looked at yet is observable to feel by use or nothing done i put the secret in here.

this is as you think then imagine the end point as a result to create, don't use this as you think the creator creates. boredom overlong periods of time is cabin fever so i will no longer get destructive when as i am aware or bored. there is as i their is. this means there is things to do or use as i think the point as things exist the area exists as their ideal is done. thats because you think then the area you think to focus on is there as observable all around you. so i think this is the worst point. think to focus then you receive what you get. so this i think i believe. you create then you work then discover you create by the feel or life is what you think.

i might as well get someone else. this i think you create or create use to create the point, see you think to do things for the day. then you finish up with or without anything done by feel. so i think i am aware your awareness is where you think then you are aware to work. so this is what i will end up doing today by now your probably wondering what i am doing. i am setting up ideal or events to create things to work with or non the harm way or destructive way. so your allowed to go as you wish. think to wish or create as you wish the plastic eating over this is the ending i saw.

this is my last unseen article written as other ideal.

away is thought don't trap him in there. this i know is realization to the point. you saw or realization is the point. don't eat plastic think to create by the ideal. no plastic is eaten. this was my 2nd last article. this i think is the point you think. cooking plastic. think to cook in another container other than plastic. you could feel pleased then fatten up.

look to the the area your stomach is with the area you see cooked with the microwave. this is the material plastic non seem till showing the points by views think as you wish to then change the container. so you see to not to cook the plastic container by now. so your aware your okay or cool your cool by what you want or think. see to think clear is the key then your intelligent as well.

this i think is my last one, think to write to create or correct by the feel, thinking to write you think on a touch to write things down or off a touch to fix the basic idea. the protection is the point you think to create by area creativity this is where you thought or think to use some ideal this is also where you think to work. if you think to work then use the ideal or ideal isn't plastic then think. this isn't to seem or create by the point or work by feel. this is the end of my article writing moment by the feel is this. this is where you are aware. this aware thought to area feel. so think to work by ideal is no longer creating what you think if hazardous. this is what you think to work not what you consider or see to construe to the point or feel.

uses otherwise

 this i think is interesting by the feel. use what you think is appropriate think as you feel. i think this seems interesting though. i see so i am the en or the first man so now all is can see use for is either way. this i might actually create or do. the chocolate chip cookie with the fruit additives.

fixed ideal

this is a mention "i think he is cooked enough so this is cooked just enough from the were house by feel" i got by the statement "this is closed or not. case is closed if you ever mention a case then if the case is no longer open its not open so if you post this is what you think as opinion. turmeric with allspice is good for countering sweets, turmeric with sage is good for restoring brain functions so yes you can say you neglect by what you don't allow the child to have so use the brain functions forgive yourself. use sorbitol the sugar alcohol this is better for you thats about it. that is the point you think no longer what you do so don't feel me. thinking pattern for the brain, this is the point you think the pattern you think is there.

represented as both sides of the brain with the brain stem that is the bridge as the third eye is the brain stem. then you think to create a bridge or path that flows both ways to create a restored brain function by the bridge with a bit of feeling. this allows you to think as a woman this is with your shape as awareness think you are aware then you are aware. there is no regard otherwise if you don't think there is there isn't yet by ideal if illegal you can think there is no regard. this is a simple civil case. think your aware to the point then think clear by the feel. you don't have to do things. so i think this is a wise ideal or choice not always to do or die off from."

the court case done with

this is a court case i dealt with that was udesired results with desired activity. i think is doing good so i can think to work with this. don't spend above your means by the feel. this means you will or won't need to create things or not bother me or you can leave. so think what you consider then create as you will i am free from here. this is the point or path you choose or can have created by absinthe with the thought by feel or use is the intuition is the intuition or area feel other use or is this not em change just the numbers that are aware ideal or are "area coordinates by coordination". words are coordination with the words by themselves so this means we can write by thought projection.

So whatever this is you won't gain weight if you don't eat it no you don't so you set to use. this is to use things then stop, use nitrogen to create or effect things with. this is the point no point exists nothing is what or where you are aware. so i see i already have 1, think to relieve the pressure by thinking the excess to the creator. relieve is stress reduction by tensing muscles then the body is relaxed. "so don't think to try or negated is the point those places are imaginary. this is like i had some imaginary wife or friend so energy is similar to some area i think that produces one."

did you know drinking by yourself diet coca cola is acidic still with weight loss, the properties are with negated high fructose that use stevia. so nothing is that good to gain weight over. think to create better to work things out. that is how i did it. think things improve by the point or moments think with momentum. think intelligence is area response any moment now. this was a time tardus trap i changed so this is no longer a trap so you could do as you wish then get away. so don't sustain to work, as kept with lesser weight is lesser shape. so fat is no longer wealth. this where wealth is where you are aware. you can improve off the point or area feel this is some area feeling though. medicine is non effective to cause weight to weight loss. imagine the pros or cons you work with by the ideal. so think to create able minded actions to create as you wish to die or live.

so if you think "let them live as they desire" you realize you can change the body with stress release by the feel or not. as you fill some value by the area you can create by the area or sense, what the person is doing doesn't matter see that resembles the thought is doing. so think about where you do things as you feel like life you are life. think the right medicine is there to the feel as HOHeN or use is hydrogen with oxygen with helium with nitrogenic. undone emphasize emol emolium is un condemning feel with emotion or demolition as it lists the ideal now i am the only one there. this is use as pre cog nit ive. so you think to focus the energy to allow the aura to absorb the energy then you aren't effected is just legis.

see the point you think is conscious let the subconscious create as though conscious is the brain awareness. think calm you are calm then focus the calm to the legs or feel the faery wings create as they are static energy. they are what you see as focus energy to work with by the point you come up with you relieve stress by as you describe or think the undescribable easily you can at the end or any time write the undecribable. so they are the body's feel to the area resembling wings. think the point their not so the real feel is thoughts to cause actual damage.

think their real as you think you are aware they are there. so don't think them to keep you alive to allow you to die as you aren't living by the feel. that means give him some by that means no otherwise. this means no is technological from a biology viewpoint or area knowledge by the point. i think this deserves some ideal to work with by the point you think, think positive thinking for area positive activity to negate negativity. this is energy or feel to the use. this i end my case with by the feel.

so you don't feel negative or overwhelmed by the point you think. i think fat no longer as the fat goes away by feel. i think i believe things work by feel, if you think to work as you wish then things work out. thats enough for the point so lets go with the area points you notice. the area points are creator produced or creator ideal. think what you do then create what you think not to create largeness though. we all have the seeds of love in us. we can develop this wonderful source of energy, nurturing the unconditional love that does not expect anything in return.

no no i am fine this is the practice of a healer, therapist, teacher, or any helping professional should be directed toward his or herself first by the fact, because if the helper is unhappy by feel or trust he or she cannot help many people. thus he knows he or she cannot beat the person up that he or she treats. this was recorded in us history as law versus undesirables.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

the letter that started this

when i do things they aren't for money they are for life use. to get my teeth repaired i ain't going to jail. so i think i am with amnesty to create what i did or have. then i with amnesty can create what i think is cool. this was assured by the creator so i will leave the safe house to go elswewhere the ride is just arrived. this place will by rights be ignored since it was with the verge of collapse anyway. ciaou i have to go. things went wrong the ride was hostile i will die here on the steps. if i don't get heard from send my info as though a year had passed to the net thanks.

starting is magic then whatever you want to send to the net sites. that is all i will do.

"dear sir, i am free now. anytime now so going then gone. that was interesting i wonder what else was done that the creator reveals to me. this is the trick think your doing activity as you think your activity somewhere else by feel, then you are thought elsewhere to create as the area activity as people energy allows for things. -jason

this is one big lie, a line after a line of things to do i will decide my own thing to do. from this point i will add a name called sp or spelly, this is the point i saw so now for the fort. it was abandoned by time travellors that took the building for adavange when it is the worst condition so it should fall. so this means finding some other thing to work, as a picture is only worth a thousand words. this means going from florida, to oklahoma where i abandoned my abandoned apartments. going for wesley ville near 300 nw 12th street this time. ciou. am ne amne or no things like a cocked gun is amnesty from ne amnesia or release un conditions.

Drinking fire is alcohol use so stopping is willing to not do unless you want to create with sunlight your repeating things not necessary yet you can't or without alcohol. So you don't have to do what the body does nearby. If you see to drink water then you do drink or not attempt to use things as idea exists that is still yours as his is existing. Sober reverse drunken to normal by feel that you think is done so turmeric or use is nice. Consider the uber reverse is good as water. The sunlight or solar energy reverses of the energy to dissipate or create feel to not happen mean mishandlement or cruel intent by area use. Reverse imcompetance to competance so don't use is considerate idea to no longer use.

Don't be forced so you dissipate that due effect called naturally use. Due is energy or use focus to create by the due. So right or wrong there is something right to create or not do as a due is there. The area you think has solutions yet thought you percieve if the subconscious is with some answer your thought is aware. See to work is use so if an explanation is good thinking you know, the right actions are the right actions so you don't have to drink by aware area feel is the thought you think by focus. If the answer is there then the subconscious allows you to see what is as the the conversation isn't explanation enough.

If the explanation is good then there is more to know the persons subconscious knows by area feel what is there. So you see the area is not there to use. See as there's nothing there don't drink as you don't need to this is though freedom that were acting. See as if in or don't drink if you realize what is by feel. If nothing you can't be mean so don't be mean even though you consider by seelie. As it changes to use if seelie or otherwise other people create what you wish. Well obviously we can manipulate the minds then subconsciouses to creating what you think should seem there so poster seelie are cool or sight is the action yet not always activity.

Thinking thinks for things I am not unable to cope as I can so don't have to do some rude or impossible task. The earth can unmerchant the drink or illegal substance en or not order. See that is there if necessary so you can use it as you want to get resultive area idea done. This is my ending I saw. What if motion is in enough without alcohol. See as you think you create non corrupt to work purity by feel. Sso there is an applicable device to the purpose, that changes to seem applicable from the past changes think the sun changes things by necessary idea by changes from within to see compatibility by area energy not use that fixes things as the machine can break down by repair by things the device uses.

So any by or not create is act is the perception. This is the real drow rule. Seeing to create is the area to create by focus that you think the body creates or no need no feel to do. So continue what you want as think less to use. So think not to be brutal. That was to be as in somebody to work with not brutally. See nothing is there your creative so fix me he says I am wrong I think I will cast a creator spell to create better health. No family to realize is what you think so is the point think no need to use no alcohol. That was the area you see was sense to thought. See the area as an inne or inner child. So always trust in the creator by feeling the feel or use.

Seeable unn impervio that means the counter is impervious. If one works the other doesn't seeing use, creation by feel is created thought. So you are glad you brought another helper fto your point. This was to be as if use in another or bigger isn't always better life is by feel another. This is not another tape universe that is by feel. As you are you remember seen as is you leave alone. So the area is seen by feeling or user concept to the area is reverse, reverse a soon as you shift is feel as a shift thought time with space to create then return. Seeing not to harm is not energy to cause harm from to those that harm you subconsciously en us. One is soon by feeling to create with focus seem by feel the seeming en until seeming end.

Treat this as another elemental world that ends by use or what you see is what something you find out finds you, as you focus you draw attention as you create you can create by focus. As this is idea from "idin as a god of hobbits for idea to work", see or defend as you associated with is a source or use by practice in thought. Show by feel in or concept is practical use, this is what someone said was element summoning. No as now this is element or use as any element, as this is so this is just thought to manifest as you think this forms.

So this is any element to suit the area, your no longer por to choose elemental power with vas by use is from one to use or you see these idea are treated. As use is useful in use if you arrange around to oklahoma as this depends on who you associate with, as with the non dark or use by feel is the god that is by a dark points or light points come back. The light chaos god is the 7th dimensional in focus or energy created by subconscious with the creator "Cereo" is "Cero" the melodious, so a choice with "shades or sg-1" is cool so remember in use don't call the faery ugly they aren't or named see the point. This was found in a wasted space station we are gone from.

 "Dear sir,
We are discovered as we found the god device this was found to seem use as this is some reasoning with a mechanical device with an upper dimension programming, that is programmed to create with orgonne as energy is some machine or the idea is focus creates thought as you think you can the creator is use. So as you see tis is use as you are you were use or not do the god in as use is life. Tis possible to use or create as you can do what you want or not always use "no pain sex", so you see tis is sex magic by feel to remember is thought. See this is the point i found interesting the beginning sentence isn't the end sentence. The beginning sentence is my dear written as dear sir the end sentence is i am dead seeking amnesty in the world that i non abused hiding away by the feel.

 See this is no nope is god energy on the surface in some point, that is from other use or conscious gods or concept that you see useful or make up don't always have to do energy use. Release un conditions like a cocked gun released from the hand for travelling and forbidden grounds yet am not himler so i am untouched or not fired for the point that is there. this means i am dead reliving a memory in heaven, so cold or warm getting colder so he is dead himler shot himself so don't mind me as i no longer am unless to remind me to work like i want to shoot myself. - Himler"

The area is thought to be guarded, so we might try someplace we have the key to, done is done we are better off than nothing to be better than normal.  We are discovered as we found the god device was a small square plastic thing found with metal studs to seem use as this is live by aero energy with a pyramid of power by some reasoning with a mechanical device with an upper dimension programming, that is programmed to create with orgonne as energy is some machine or the idea is focus creates thought as you think you can the creator is use. So as you see tis is use as you are you were use or not do the god in as use is life. I might as well give up hunting nazi's since i am not getting anywhere they are too scattered now. Their science no longer there. This is their way of saying i laugh to my general direction by feel.

Tis possible to use or create as you can do what you want or not always use "no pain sex", so you see tis is sex magic by feel to remember is thought. See this is no nope is god energy on the surface in some point, that is from other use or conscious gods or concept that you see useful or make up don't always have to do energy use. Release un conditions.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

spells 101

Spells lessoning

 "The spell to use is the spell to work with, spells are many things you think a purpose to use the ideal is think by focus with life internally thought is externally.

So for the point to many different people is created by the effect unusual is your use by where this is why you think for when you thought.

So you see there are many confusion and lying spells, the area spells, the normal use spells, the normal use spells are by feel with body.

There were memory and privacy spells, this is what you think by decency so think or don't react by feel.

Most genious spells done by geniouses, thought by us to work by the point you view or as you think they will work.

Most defensive spells done by those hurt, think the point to work by the view or area feel that is feeling by the feel.

Most offensive spells done by the defensive, think to create by the point you are aware to create created view.

Where confusion spells are done for defense, by the use or feel think to work not by retribution. Where you are is laid down by what you think where most aren't insects.

Where a lying down by spell or active your with activity spell are aware spells, you think then you are what you think. So you see you are done by the defensive and offensive means or purposes.

When memory spells are for those with confliction, think to work not the point if wrong to you or allow as noted.

When privacy spells are done by those defensive, then think to work or create by what you think.

Then when done we got things done this is sometimes with programming spells, this works with the teacher. This is area created for weres or aliens.

See we're done for all of the above, use is what you decide for what you think.

What to do unusual for correction and mostly for fun, thin the point to work by things or not by feel."

what you do by feel
 you can do any one line or ideal, there is rites or thought spoken as a done ideal to create with the creator. this is the the true ritual spell think some ideal then speak thinking your intent or feel otherwise. so all you need is to think your need or where you wish by feel is thought to think a wish to create the ideal where you want, then to create by feel is "thought to create the point" so think the creator creates what you wish or you don't have to think to work. see with food or water energy so the food has water with this. i think a thinking spell is think a "use" or "no use" spell to create some effect or non effect by effective means or use is by feel to win another.

 i think this is where or when you think or cure to feel as a curative spell, so then think to create by feel the effect not by the point then think the thought. this i think is the point is the ideal. the non thinking spell, think the point to create by feel or think to work or your ideal is creativity to do. thinking to improve is to create what you think is best. the advanced meditation focus from this is if you think you feel then you focus to create by the creator. the creator creates what you wish or think as the creator is the subconscious to control or create by the area feel to create what you feel or not is the case.

 so a real spell then is think some spell to exist some area effect or area use by feel. then think the effect to act the ceromony out to create what you wish, unless you think to create with the creator that is what you do anyway by thinking or describing the point you create what you wish. i think reaction spells are creating by actions or activity to create what you wish or use by the energy you are aware.

 i think to create then is think the prayer or effect to create, then state the ideal see what you see or use as a point to work by with ideal to use. so think to create by feel or create the created point to work by feel. think no longer to not react to no longer get things bad off. this is what you think to work or create things to the point you allow unlimited wish effects. wish is think then state then gas energy gathers by activity with focus acts to create what you wished as some end result. that is spell 101 by the feeling.

 spells 101 is completed so think to create by an feel or feel to work by some point. "af" see the point you think by the point focus or what you think you get by feel for the subject. so think then as you feel to create by the point you think they want to see. this then i think you notice or see to think as the subconscious can create anything as you are reasonable. so think then i am awake, alive or active by aware feel or thought.

 so i think a unique spell is something someone does to created feel, then you create by what you wash or wish to work with some activity. so air energy thought or psychic create supernatural to move creates fire energy pattern to work with, as earth molecules respond to the feel. this is with some energy return that is healing by the heart with water, sae ne is not this is ne spiral of death except for insects.

 so you don't dark things down by the feel, think you are free by the feeling your not sorta trapped. think to the point to free yourself then you are aware to work by the creator i mean the things you create with that are energy. so you are aware what you think, your aware 2 or more centuries back this was do as you wish then think as you want. this is not to effect those that are not wanting to be effected, until you think to create something to save your life. so i think this precludes our spells 101 section. i made these short so you can learn without reading too much.

 lesson 101 is with the point the area the art or creativity to work by feel. "if" this then i think is what you consider to work by what you consider or feel is work. so a lesson then for this is that what is not necessary is no longer there to work by, feel for or work with. for the the point or feel you think to work with or feel is necessary to use or create. so you think then you are aware then this is think the point thing or things done to work as you wish or create as your feel is there or here. so you think whats the deal or whoopla, this is a spell. some spells don't work till you practice some work correctly by the area spell by effect that is what you think you are aware to create. the area feel is then a spell to work by the point. so a point you think is a point your aware to do or die off. this was the point for some purpose, so many made that point you think you create then you feel you can work. so thats it for this portion. as i contain this i cannot write this.

 lessons 101 are where you are area aware senses, "or" then sense or think to create some area point to create by the point then summoning is where you are creating from air to work by the area point. though don't summon the arctic to your room. sense is think you know what the other thinks to work by the point "you don't have to create any line." so think then to create. using symbolic means a symbol is some area or effect to create with the focus or a point to make to create some sense with the whole paragraph or work by the feel.

 so think then you are aware to work by others is to work with the point by the feel. this i think is where you think the area or place is needing some point, then you think to create or work the concept to use some point. so i think this is where or when you are thinking sicke is dissolved sickness, this is use by area dissolution to the water or energy that exists to live or dissolve the condition or if a hit then reverse it.

 lessoner 101 are create by dissolution to create "at" with things that are aware by the feel. you are aware by the concept you think or work with to work till you don't need to do. so this is don't need to to not create to not do things, this is all with the area you sense or mind by area feel. so think to the point you think then your creation or create, ask is it real or not with physical creativity by the elements.. so you can think what is real to create some area effected by your thought or this is nothing to play with.

 this is ignore charms where you are aware then feel to work. this i think is what ignore charms so you are aware by use is usable area concept is usable area user feel. where you think the point or feel the area point to work with or not use the area point. this i think is the point to this area the sixth chakra point is better to use. the fifth won't actually handle things the 6th is the whole body.

  lessoners 101 is the sixth chakra point is the area feeling by the body to your area use don't slam this or something. so you think the sense the sixth by the sense, i think to create to effect is the the sixth energy chakra point is otherwise use for you think this as i see for this is the root. notice i set the quoted words to create by the chakra points listed here with projection stances. this is because i am aware to your use then i create by your standard to work by your feel. so this you know is some ideal as the last thing that happened to the alien half-grays with the alien grays helping.

  this then i think to work by or with as the sixth sense developed is the art by the effect or not. so i think this is the point, so i think i am well then think as a statement as i say some idea. "as am i ought to create wellness" by the aura with the sixth sense of time. that is the sixth sense developed with permission otherwise this is at the point, seen or with a jiffy or sped up, the iffy ideal is with the point so after the point is use. this is with the area by one last lesson by the compatible magic systems with animals.

   the last lesson is true or false, think to create by the created aftereffect or see some area point you think is there. so i think is this to think by the use or think by the time to created area afterffect to use some area by the feel. so you see the feeling is either to use or feel. i think to use things by the area feel. so if you think to use things by what you feel you create by what you know, for area or you don't actually know so you can ask for help so you think so you know. don't take the spirit to create with the point. this is a lesson to where i think to focus then manifest by the feel to use correctly other things.

felt need

  This i know is by what is there so what i think is focus area proof ideal. think to create some ideal is the area focus you are thought as someone else non criminalist or no longer nonrespected so you respect others, so after you think the fact this is stated as though someone else then you create what you are aware to create without interference by the subconscious. this is a spell you are aware can create by good reputation or report that is repute. some other spell examples are or here, seen use by the [] elements.

 Think "no, yes to allow is now so nowledge is by the spirit knowing" that is no or created to no longer neglect by damage or repair. That is cool to prevent by no need to have area attack this I think by fee or the area damage or vibration, think to disrupt the area presence by sound waves or "stop with the sniffer or stiffer. That means you are where you stink or think without stink. No damage was done by the area seeming or did you know art is scenic?"

 So you can go "just to don't react by feel or use" this is some thought point. Then as you feel after the point, the creator restores them to how they would want to be like unless its a worser state of body and mind. Spirit attacks are countered by the creator and they are safe for a long time. If irritated you are advised to meditate, you don't get irritated for any reason or any game. Block the foe if for poor intentions see the peace you think you create is by the herbs use. If you mix a drug with the food you might get naseated so i think stop there.

peace for the mind.

some poems

 think to use this is not always intended if you want to do something else, so think to create beauty with the art you or others read to work with the meaning unless this is the same or some en or at the end a different thing.

soul trials

Only with trials do you dare,
Come betrayals with the heart and mind,
Betrayals come with surprise or intent,
For with betrayal comes bravery,
Only to fix the betrayals,
Trial to do the needed action,
For desire of the heart,
Ruling over all or granting compassion,
Then minds desire rules over active pursuits,
Heart and mind together make actions occur,

Don't or they disagree over any action,
Disagreements and betrayals can happen,
With betrayals come panic,
Stupidity happens with panic unless your smart,
To act on instict but not react,
To keep your cool and not lose temper,
When its done you gain courage,
Without courage nothing is ever done,
Don't let betrayal get you down,
You might end up with reward,
There may be victims from any action.


Victims will answer any question,
Think the area think the feel,
Only the victims to feel better or if relieved,
Their morale is not always low so they won't always anger strike,
Any comments will drive them crazy or nor you to strike some object,
Lower morale till suicide or act normally,
Victims happen with regard to actions,
Some actions require compensation by feel,
Some actions require understanding by feel,
Most actions need resolve or victims will beseek to gain vengeance,
If resolve is reached with area ideal,
Then victims become winners.

Albeit they will always answer to violence,
Thier resolve is never the same after,
Feeling guilt for even winning,
They will always be a victim ever after,
Deceased is the memory so deceased is the art,
Until vengeance or councelling is done.

Think packages

 Ok think to get along, so to get any package, so you are aware don't think to create one. just say the name out loud of the package or feel the effect. These packages are orgone and as-is so if nothing happens, then it wouldn't work at the moment, as it was deemed by package. These packages auto update but when started you are immune to all damages, from them. If any ever do get a hurt on you, you recover from no things insectoid they die from you and no other problems occur. No package will conflict with another, as they work with each other so they can happen on another strand of reality where this is not strengthened in efficiency if similiar.

 The wrong person will not be able to use so you can effect me or not effect me along the lines or area with no attacking the creator so your no longer needed. So the ideal is if with the ideal thing, the package doesn't not work for the right thing and you don't have to worry about things if you use normal means. The right gene is use by first response then slow response then fast response, with the point "then" for the packages to work this is magic so that will be activated by reading this or the package description to aid in the package casting and for it to be easier, unless already activated. Not again by feel is if you are in the wrong by the attempt so think nevermind, then they won't work by the genes that is use but nevermind to not have a package effect.

 I think "This marketing package is to make good business as this is the use of the right things to do of the correct act to get results in a change as you want, as its due you can pay unless not in quick and you are not able to, then you decline.

 This makes a 'pay right made right' and 'make right' that allows money to generated think gene with easy ways. This package is gotten by thinking of what you want or stating 'marketing packages'." Think to create reduction to prices to what or where you think prices should be reduced. Don't have to think to price think to pay, this means you are aware you can shift or change the prices by imagination, so focus or energy feel to create what you wish.

 This is to get easier marketing done. Otherwise is your use by feel, channel sifter package allows you to know whats on before you see a guide. This uses a little of your spirit to shift through and "live" the program, yet you can't just live a little by the point or not, so you have to watch things to see the appeal and appreciate things fully or somewhat for decency. This spirit is undetectable as its gray shifted or black shifted to protect from harm on an instant and invisible, yet you get the meaning of the ideal.

 Usable automatically with feeling or necessity and it makes for use on television, books, movies and explored by anita philipp; websites. Basically you are aware or alert to what you think your well enough to use, allowing for any subject matter as you live with the memory usage of things. So you are aware the area is with proper use if you think to use what you wish for correctly. There is this thing though, think to use the best ideal not the worst for good results.

 See to prevent desasters, use global warming pack II:
 see to get this pack, state or think 'global warming 2'. so.2 this package activates in winter and near winter time using this technique. thinking causes the world to warm up and melt the ice. this uses 3 stellar suns, i think with several planets to fuel the ideal you think you can even use "this" as a point all are appeased by feel. if too heavy don't sit on another so you stay out from trouble. they are linked or unlinked by thinking to to use some gemstone as a focus "so or working not always together, this uses energy so you are as one" till they are unneeded.

 when you need it to warm up in your area, this will. this package prevents winter storms, as it attempts to break up the storms, think to not need something to save things or need something to keep things near when they are near. so use is is user friendly with a user feel, when they are liable to start happening to effect the point. this breaks up extra cloud cover. the sun will seem more intense, this is so wonderful amazing when this is working on things. this deactivates when winter is a learning situation by the feel or "seeming" like behavior is over, if suspected by the feeling you think is not always a trap.

  so anti-cult activity is think "safet" to cause your aura to prevent cult activity to you, as thought to prevent disasters or worse so that is not helpful. this is the chinese use or thinking this is use to prevent the cult from activity so you aren't effected to prevent intendent activity the effect from effecting others that are aware or unaware to the activity they wouldn't want to effect them. time is what prevents those ideal that aren't wanted to not effect you by the creator.

  calmness in calamity by feel is sometimes not always safe so don't worry or chaos package is the package to work with others. think calm you are calm then your aura effects those to remain calm. say the name of the package to get the ideal by the creator. a gate is already powered by the earth's core, this is with the earth's core, this is possible death fog that auto-seeks out the insect to kill them off. this with use the creator can cause the chaos-infected areas to reduce in chaos on the set planet your on or where things are, thinking to use drains them with light to remove chaos (to a degree where it does not have any negative impacts on the surrounding area), this is sent into a far-distant sun.

 can be applied to another planet if needed/wanted. simply say "activate" or imagine yourself press a button or you can click a pen then create, while thinking of the planet to create some object, this is so the creator sets the system up on that planet. so magic is thinking so you see them for this by feel is objects created or where they think they are they find nothing for no results think not to be doing any one line on yourself. so use is food to them, water is where you think to the water then can drink by the feel. this is uses to the feel so think to the benefit so your real use is for this yourself.

  recently combined is a package you want with concept so you see with this ideal package by the creator. Sets an anchor or other clone double of you, if not needed then the creator shift you to where you need to go or shifts away the body this is use by the clone is seeing so you think. think to use the attack from the cult as energy or null illuminati or hostiles or do something else to not bother people or not repeat as you don't or others don't have to do a line.

  seen or not bother (though it leaves the nicer members living, there is illumunation to many so think then your illuminated. those who help others and such by feel that cause agony or painful moments are killed by their own means). this uses false energy signatures or user allowing, even uses the criminal or non criminal members one against one another if needed. when the cult, illuminati and similar attempts to attack you or effect you, they fail by the attempt to doing so they are so this won't be effecting things on you.

  nulle insect this mazes insects by faery to some is "main", not unused mazed with no dome food no extra water to the insect or not use this as another room. think the energy matrix mazes the insect to create what you wish by the thought or thinking "don" to created effect or effort to your use by the thought you think will work. this uses the get along package that activates the matrix insect trap. this does not effect those people whose activity are acting the insect out. just remember "stop doing on yourself" if you think to create you create by the creator that creates or this unmakes for you. see i think food is blessed curse to the insects so you don't have to worry about things as water is poison to the insect. so to the human you can create with the creator, as well or uses are as you uncreate the effect you can create or uncreate the ideal.

 If they want some or not want some then i don't or don't want to give unless allowed or sugar to have the ideal then idea is ideal idea. so no longer is this with esoterics you do. so no problem.

 laugh scene; this is not to laugh all the time as things are where you stop using the area by the point. this also saves you money by the feel. think to tag the insects then the seeking fog finds the insects to eliminate the insects. so people aren't insects or roaches, people are aware. So everything here everything heresay or no longer bad.

 so thats it for today folks.

 nzt research; nzt is in effect now a memory mind improvement with benzolyte paroxide or flaxx seed, turmeric, allspice with sage noted is ups or down. think to save. there is no nzt or i give in.

 nezt this is a hormone that changes moods or how one feels, enzt the ideal behind this is create or feel then your body responds correctly or you won't get a good response.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

russian tea chai or substitute

Fruity Russian Tea
Modified from the version of Russian Tea. Chai is too hard to recreate.


½ c. instant tea
1 cup tang, orange powder mixture or other fruit mixes
1 pkg. pre-sweetened package or coolade packet of lemonade
½ cup sugar (except with coolade packet its 1 ½ cups)
(can use sugar substitute like Stevia for less sugar added)
½ tsp. cloves, allspice
½ tsp. ginger, possibly pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp. cinnamon
½ tsp. nutmeg (optional)

½ cup fruit juice (added later) or 1 fruit juice packet flavor from crystal light or similar (any fruit flavor to taste)

Mix well and place enough in cup of hot water to taste, and if the fruit juice is decided on, add it now to the water mixture.

Other things


1/2 c unflavored tea

tea flavorings or fruit packets that include orange flavor packet maybe crystal light with cherry pomengranate or dragonfruit with raspberry or lemonade.

any sweetner with this is substitute sugar,   sorbitol (sugar alcohol), demerara raw sugar to work with impurities use mannitol.

herbs or spices listed here

combine in dried material first then add to container to create as you wish some tea so on making you can use actual tea bags. my fave is sage, cinnamon, oregano with chocolate or substitute sugar sometimes both or none.

7:11 notices for spells

The 7:11 spell

Zig use: Zig is the time thought energy sigil you see the point or think to stop. Then you can stop time thieves or create what you wish, by  the preventatives or that you think was to rob you doesn't do your area or your point or use by movement thought is activity to create our own idea. So you see this isn't a point you can visit anymore try to walk down to the place then ask to get your wallet back.

You will never find it we looked they will say. So you see this was easily the point they that were there that you thought they created or used was your feel they used against you then incited the ager or the kitsune that was near you to use your energy that causeed what you saw. This was actually him that hates you noone wasn't there you were gone to explore. So you see this is the time your used to not or ne, as zig is a thought curse born to use.

This will cover for your losses just don't think to enether into a space you don't know as you think ypur use then create with area feel. That was what gave you away by thought you withheld information the area was actually "7-11" so you see you could have kept it so you were no longer set upon by thieves. So the area you think is geel indicated to te point you consider youy were aware they were listening. So think no identity to return somewhere else or you won't evr get it back. Ciao don't turn it off after he returns or allows yoiu to enter, thanks from randal.

Note you wish they do so your at fault so think you gave it back then do or created feel is your tragedy treated by area nature by focus or love spell to the use or usual feel. If you think you created this stop to think what your madness was that caused by spell is what you think was the creaator was yourself. So you might blame noone to the area you were in as you shift away to another spacial time. That worked last time to recover the wallet you thought lost had no healing need or potential can't use or maybe I can or you could. That was the spell meaning.

I suggest to use no medicine they provide as that is their way of saying I believe you you are aware so use thius to get over it. So you see I understyood what you thought here with this root area system you explored with space to use or feel to create with use. This was usually your own idea to the area you own our way is now dissoluted or to dissolved the area is now this or use is allowable. I think you borrowed too much medicine to think straight yet you got things better, by the area that is energy created is your area point by that you think not use. I see you know my ship as I created here allowed out.

A house you never thought you were in aalasx, think me that holds your object that gives it back. Soul or no soul your alive barely as a vampire, think to die really quickly before the ship shifts you away. This ends a feud so I am the seer that was on the area the Dr. who was shown as special that shows Dr. Who exscaping by my portal using you or thinking the ener gues idea to think someplace is to escape by someplace with the creator allowing him to exscape. I think this report is a few hundred lifetimes old though. I believe you as well you will see this next as someone like you enters my tardus through the energy shield to turn off by the flow with energy thought to the shield then people return you were one with then or them to the area though this space is dissolved.

Thus as that occured you lossed the wallet to create by area feeling something to create nothing that caused the shield to turn off by itself or you thought use the area focus the energy think the time to created area that should then did change the time by instance with telekinesis that is a trap for a few monsters. So think or not to form things to not form you so you can shift your area energy back to see yourself or not clone after unstability in nothing is stability usually is there or allow the area to use. Seen is the area your vibration changed as you said that you accept by the area. Use is that you feel to create by with used idea, seen with the point you imagine or think to the area point the right suggestion. I think this is chanfeable to your area so nulle chainfire effect. See that is feeling that the emular ceased to exist emulation to living or use is living by feel.

Seen of use; Thinking to use idea to created area notice or use is not done. Thinking to use idea is focus to create by feel the area is concept think not to do.

Seen user; Thinking to the area I think is the point this is there or theory to user you don't use as user feel. Its start or not start to work with idea.
Thin or I think the aura is by theory what changes you by phone or nearness is through the pipe you change things to what you are needing. So think to the area or think to some concept this is a shift to use the energy to created area feel to seem like the person you are or not to create until necessary. I agree. I think this goes down. I think I believe you yet not to do things unless necessary is what you think.

I can concede to your point now or you can do what you want this usual feel by wish sometimes is not overuse or viewable results are undone. Display is improved or I think is unblocked by area feel. See I think let me die without stealing from me. There is what you say but I believe you are what you feel. So think "ea in no us" by feel for stability. Distract your mind then creating something to work non against you then if it does you are aware the item that existed ceased to exist. So kysu are interesting. Think non form to not form some avatar. That those are formed are no longer crimbul they are stabilized forms.

Seen ice by the area this is seen by the ice age thought to not occur didn't allow the ice age to happen, so to stop the machine was energy to think it didn't control on or off impulses the machine only controlled criminal activity from what was there stopping the idea. Sight was bad yet I knew my old area so I think turn off the machine stops it or not does unallow the operation or yes I think I can before taken down to not cause a wave energy, thinking the effect the machine is hearing you think to create or not allow criminal activity to occur. This doesn't control people or area the people are in this controls the criminal desire unless necessary. So your thinking is turn it off over thought by the feel no addiction is there.

As you see this I think is done. So stop then allow or not use any war. See or think to show what you did if you want to as you say absoelvus dissoelvus think to touch or create to a spell use so "absoelve" is absolve with a good spell by area use. See thinking you created allowed the atleantian energy pyramid to work without disgruntled feel to you by the energy the pyramid is transmitted or created by the feel or "elease was" release from imprisoning you by area feel or area is uses are done is what you see as "abdomius easiey" or created area feel is what you think or not used by area idea I thought this spell was useful to your feel. I think so you feel think the area or what you think is usual feel.

I think this is my final spell, sensee or ensell is create or created no need with the area need or use is thought to attract business. I think to create area business by thought or imagination by area used with any new business or with idea to create by feel unless you know you won't have the money. The ore energy causes the area to create by feel what you need to exist to make a sell by feel or not if the business is illegal by your area notice, seen or not create undesired code is not created advertising or not used idea is think the idea exists what you wish.

I think leave alone or create by your self is another good one to work with as you see this stops any unwanted needs unspecified. Seen or feel is another good spell to use or create a little to faith heal as you create with idea so you see the creator creates no addiction that can unhappen or happen. I think the particle world is creative energy use. Your life is not your wallet thats set in nightmare. So no revenge happens no anyway. Then you think you can live with the cost. See to lower cost there is no inflation by the help with ogren or atleantian.

Cure or work is creative water cures already expressed by idea you did it already. This allows no trick that works brutal means or allows no brutality. So think your restoring yourself from the area energy or your not going to leave except in a body bag. Seen is the cause think the formation from the creator to form as you want or wish to have back. You are over 2000 years old. See this uses area energy biomatter or area energy by area feel to restore body energy or not if left alone. So if I go bezerk think the body gone so I don't hit by a bezerk state. See I think I shift to the area I can't go bezerk.

This is your life though you left me in control of the ship itself I just used the idea by suggestion. So the thought exists another you or area feel that indicates what you are creating or cheating area credit, as I read you create then cheat the credit line to work with added credit. So in use or no opposing view is think yes then indicate no by feel by what you think you feel you can create a new credit line anyway. So let your life go to work as you want as a point though if your too old think or not to change area then life switches over sorta like rei or reincarnate area use. See this is the user feel or area biomass is energy use. That is living matter that creates by thought you think to the energy material that is matter you think to area use.

I think refused or "think good" is a spell to use; This is think something useful or good to have as a spell to create no need by idea is "en need is not need" this works by no empathy. I am what you sell to the use or you are what creates to the area selling point to create not with the end point you use the area not illegally to the point you think to your need or created ideal. If you do make a sell you can create the area you think to work by feel. The area you see is the area you buy or trade with so you see that is all this crystal en activity is what place things are with by feel.

If I am sensual or usefu think to create a cure, seen by no use or the body changing to the feel cures itself to create a cure that the creator cures the body with by area crystal feel I think this says it all nothing illegally done with drugs you see marshmellows aren't a drug but can act like a drug but isn't. Seen or feel no longer is nae or near you as naia. The street children work to support as I support them so this is what I am doing is what I feel. People can support themselves.

I see what know so this is what is there. What you think then the body does or does not create by activity stopped by feel, this is with the correct reaction due to the thought you precieve or not bother. Seen or feel is nothing by crystals effects or you see is effect think I see or you are considered or not considered by use is thinking the thought to allow or not allow with the creator if your a drug user including no hash yet no drugs in food is allowed not the drugs themselves. The area is feel not the area that is feeling. As one goes down the other can go down. So this can go down or does what it wants allegro.

Something extra isn't gained by this or you can see you can cast a spell without the little extra to create what work is magic. So think to not leave the wallet behind or use is the area you think copies to yourself from with idea. See that is a wallet with id or other things in the wallet, that came to me as I looked at the area or place or so I almost went bezerk near or not seem nearby. So I don't know where it came from. Nothing can bring you back after this your ghost is gone think unstability is gone.

For any that abuse are what you think to use or no use is no effect, think the abuse goes back to the abuser to nail him or her self by vicious or abuse to your abuser. As nothing is the area your area is not really viewed this is the curse, I place on those that abuse to die from. I think I see or use was useless except to talk things out unless they cease to abuse then stop to work by feel with the other idea you see. Seen no abuse otherwise. So don't abuse is stopping so you aren't with abuse yourself. Work as you want, otherwise. There really isn't any reason for abuse. So you see think no attack or the attack is with yourself attacking your own body. I think this qualifies for allowing waste remmoved by removal or removed idea is what you think. "Un no scorching tongue with no need to desire." I will leave you alone if you leave me alone. I think these are new idea that should be explored not at all. So you see things like this all the time add experienced. Seen is the point. Letting the spirit demon or whatever you think the creator creates, that seen isn't there as "absoelvus absolve" that is user feel to go and striking it through with a lightning bolt.

This spell is interesting use

A white witch is one of the most spiritual beings, and thrives on learning about spirituality. White witches live by four rules: Rule 1: Live each day as if it were four last. Rule 2: Love yourself or use is others first and foremost. For when you truly cherish yourself, caring for those around you will come as easily to you as breathing – and we all definitely need to do that. Rule 3: Learn your life’s lessons – each as it comes – for that is the reason we are here. Rule 4: Enjoy your life. If you don’t, your time here will have been wasted use is not wasted if put to good use.

You are far from materialistic and would prefer to celebrate the Pagan celebration of Yule (around 23rd December) rather than indulging in the commercial nature of Christmas. White witches often work in sectors where they can help other people, but you also know to aid others, you must keep yourself in tip top condition. As such, you’re often drawn to natural health alternatives and nature-based cures. Meditation is your choice also very important to the white witch and you celebrate the Triple Goddess of Maiden, Mother and Crone that is fate. Change is fate so accept then you continue as you wish or live as you want.

Not sure which witch you are? I think or feel seeable use is seeable area you think to use. Think to use or use to area to bring to mind. Click here to have a go at our quiz!

Maturity by spell

Most people show maturity with an idea of wizened features this is instead showed by ability to work or aidea to create wise idea with no aging or aging that you think appropriate. I think this was all to discovery as I created a coffee drink. So their way is what I think is there see you realize or know what you create by the feeling to use or feel to create by what you percieve. The activity shapes the point they express. So wisdom is really what you think to create isn't to create if you think then don't do things to create to do or work from idea with love not lust. I think this what you do not what you seem like. I tyhink so I am not to create is not to be what is not to exist. Because we mention hean or the heavens not the other earth, I mention the other earth. They use alchemy with jjbarla or love by area to remember with spirit rememberance.

See this where you think then thought to look at a candle flame creates what you thought to exist. Seeing this causes me to see or realize to see or look to remember. This is the deal by the deed the dead came to time or the planet surface that is use with idea they stay in or near where they are the living stay where they are not wanted. They are normally in the cetacombs. So what gives. We believe we are alive then we're remembered as living thus we end up able to go. I think this is some area energy by the feeling you think.

Thus is a point this was the great controversy that led to the convenant that was no covenent to keep the dead where they belong. This was the thought convenant before they thought to belong. They that was able to belong were creating useful idea. Realize the calm thought with the thought the calm focus restores by calm idea the leaving the dead did was though you were able to work right. You can go where you want to create is there is the issue that is not an issue. There is no issue so you think or not. This is tomorrow so don't worry. that was a one area or other place bet. Due note the insanity from life is created with life activity. So you see the hit is I didn't hit so this didn't happen you recovered.

That is how insane things got until the colony desist was to avoid damages. This is a white witch spell you can use to fix things by activity that can make things different by what they feel. They aren't somewhere differnt until they think they are by life. So remember place 747, time 358, root dimension 1, dimension 74352. Sif if I am riled then chinese I will get your stuff because you have it or I have had enough seeing I am gone. This is a rememberance to my ability not doing by feel is thought by feel. The americans lose no glory. I am no longer a leader. This place no longer exists. So you see this is the hesitancy by whatever or not bother to work because there is no work.

A simple meditation for the white witch

You will need:
 A white candle, an object or black candle for the use you think with the area by feel
30 or less minutes to yourself

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for half an hour. Switch off your phone and have no electrical equipment around you.

Find a comfortable spot on the floor to sit down (if it’s nice, find somewhere outside on the grass). Light the candle and close your eyes. Imagine a shaft of bright light coming down from the sky and touching you on top of your head. As it does so, imagine it flowing down inside your body, filling you with a beautiful, golden glow. I believe the truth is major uses are not used until necessary to create or escape the reality percieved. So to think your well then think to create a life that uses some pattern, that then resolves as aware is aware or thought thinking by itself. This allows you to instance reincarnate if allowable or use is a host like symbiant to the bluebell. See to resolve personality disorder is "think to use care or focus to use turmeric", I designed this to create a living feel that creates by what I think. See to wish is to not attract attention to your body or attack or have attack to you then you are creative by feel you don't shift.

Take some time to imagine yourself as a maiden, mother and crone as you continue making your journey through life. And allow yourself to be totally still and silent. Don’t worry if your thoughts begin wandering to what you’re going to cook for dinner, or you suddenly remember your car’s MOT is due. Let them come and go. Stay sitting for half an-hour. You will feel completely reenergised and invigorated by the time your candle burns down. Its legal for ice cream sugar alcohol not excepting real alcohol to the area. You can still burn cd's or illegal stuff to disc. You can use illegal content from the net if you think you can or you think not to be caught doing online idea. No hidden brother is allowed to the area unless he isn't a brother that is some deposed atleantian ruler.

Spell of no rivalry thus or not

See is the use not to work, think to created area that you see or think. Think that you wish then feel the body pulse outward energy to cause the attacker to shift away. As you see you feel life exists or not exists by what you think. Think to allowable or no allowable use to create with the area calm by the area energy that is calm with the point you think then feeling as though you didn't hit anyone you act as though you count to ten. Then think as you wish then think your some area or person created by the creator as some body that is a use by useful area to work with no work against you. This is "think or feel to create or use is as you think or create to use." Short form is "Think to the feel or not allow that is agaere agrean to input or no input. See that not losing your memory, absolve or not get near that is lossless feel or no use. They can't absolve if they're theives."

Black magic or grey magic healing by feel creative by suggestion

Think the point is neutrality to your created use.
Neutrality is a blood use no feud with a rite then to use.
Think not to be effected then your not with some effect.
The mind created this the subconscious isn't there.
You can end this or allow this if you think to use this you create what you think or use by feel.
So this ended the point you ended yourself things are already alright.
Seen is your area think to you concept, as nothing happens if you don't think this is supposed to.
A point to the spell you think is with black magic isn't done.
Think response to not get attack as none is thought to not use.
See as you are this is what you think or can seem to work.

Neutral is focus or area energy
Think to create by the area you write
Imagine the ceromony to create with some focus
Thinking you believe think you are with idea
The neutral rite is something you work or notice
I believe so your not caught think go ahead
This is what you are or sense not always to do
I believe so I think I am alright or end.

This is the area spell to the area you think to use that means you created idea to work by feel. This I think if you ackowledge what is there or use what you see you create seeing this is use to work. Then your brother hit me. So I think to avoid the downward spiral. This is rather interesting as a spell you can create anything with a physical effect you can't really react or you create a spell. So think to see a thought to work or seem to see what you think till seeming end.

See or feel is nothing so your meditation works as no reaction is necessary. So think by feel or not seen use if you go wild from the area you think is there that the dead body is there or not seen after you get out of the atmosphere to work by idea with use is life. I have been with use. I am done now then or now to stand it. He can't not succeed with himself. So think the activity with some area idea to create by a source after then you create a old english effect phrase. Oeu is not to create with ellen as uu oeu. To seem to work with no prejudice is to work no bad idea by feel. Seen oer is un. I think the un use

oer orderb ouercras is no sugar need
oer uu blerbb is no wine or alcohol no deafeat except by area
oeu uu oeur feordu no oder report eaters by the feel
oeu heofsij líð no war effect no liquor need by oer gewring
uu heofsij ellen no war or wine
oeu beaducræft no defeat or no lead out necessary
oeur flaegoda lio is a theory or not order
though by me is by order with water drinking
uu oferfyl no overfill or gripping kid
uu ourier no courier no disease or not
uu oer orieb is disolution to the space as though liquid wine.
uu our ouroer or no I don't is no intolerance with no overeating
ámolten or beonjeon stánrocc clif is sometimes molten lava carrocc or lava golem energy feel
framscipe hwætnes is excess reducing or weight loss by feel

Leave the area no area myst this is exiting or note what ends here is where things exist. Seeing no is feel to not attack as being nice is realized by thinking, see I realize to seem nice by area realization to occur nice effects. I think this world was destroyed by me right before I entered then left as a point to appear as you think. The rediculous part is noone notices except what you consider. I believe this is my fault so creator fix things as necessary by fate. I am not that banana so I have deliveries to make this you know is a fixed position.

Prince outta control or no use. No brian not here. Think to reverse the conditial to not allow effect. Don't have to save anyone this isn't necessary. Now undo the work of a devil man to recause kind aspects with realization to respect. This is not allow bottled wine or alcohol. I think oe is eat him up or overeating by feel. I believe the atleantian pyramid can change the body type to what you think is area relative by what you think or feel can seem to create. Stopping the automated services creating to work noin more then your okay. So your supposed to get your way after awhile. You don't depend on others "you can do things without me", this means you can do things on your own.

Im in oeta with ethipeia or not to use however you think about yourself. Per reach is with each business. I think this is created or curative thinking the creator creates. Your not use to this stop. Seen as your awake that is curiousity seen by feel. I believe this you see is non appropriate not an elephant so I will leave seeing that I am a nuisance. Soukou ki onna iris download without sacrificing huawei. Think the water or dissolvant to dissolve the unliked idea then think fixed. This is eneregy by area use. Thanks for your area expertise amanda. That wasn't goosebumps you had a good fight by idea. If you can't or can recognize the area you can leave things. But don't cause me to dissolution. I think this is focus energy or non create by inner use. This allows fluorescent blue energy ultraviolet eneregy by focus to stop disease or create what is possible.

A rite I came up with for the area genious is aware use by ideal

"As I think I am aware by feel
I created so I am cool by genious
This I am aware to get or not give
I see I am with my life or area
So I can see the area use to go on
I see this what I can give or keep
What you keep or not is by what you do
The subconscious is a wonderful idea creator
The leave area or the area you leave from is use
The spirit reveals to you what you wish to know."

The elvish version

 "Amba cen sad amba iil esse nomesseron "est i eleve sennoma takisha-ieksa ihsal eisha amar" witan cyig cyag oh mai alore vecca maer ne beil-usa."

I think or seen use is feel as I can give a good representation without experience given to me. This was to cure all illness yet by aware feel you see the area changed way too much that by the feel or off chance you then note by what notice there is. You know by the area or feel what you need to do. So mote it be. See the point by area feel to this was to restore brain function after death to the body that means if resurrected the body if fresh could create by the creator to work with life instead of death as some new experience that was either useful or not other than use. That is the one idea you think to area use or feel. That you feel or i think you create your energy is the inner blood flow to the area, for use or no you so are aware the place or area point you think to create usually.

This is with feel by your area or place to allow peace if conceit or area allows the need for war then peace is there. Then that was the last I ever saw of "the one" that isn't actually what japan called a wandering god to what is there. They called him pisces major the wandering god or ionta-amba er-ash with japanese "the one with more for allowable use was the feel", user area you see or eleve drop that feel with a negative feel until positive is your area use or not by eleve. He isn't not saying so the being named it is not aware that I speak of him. So hallelulah means give in by area you think to see the area feel or not bother by feel. The machine will not restart if you think to work with what you have or what you whack.

Think so the thing you miss if a spirit can leave or go to where you think. Cleariu maxim; That is when you cast the spell to the candle then when you create by thinking what you want or lighting the candle the candle creates what you think to the area with the creators energy. Think to light the candle then the candle will create or light as you think or the magic is focus not illness to the person. See the area is feeling the life energy is not always your own. The aura energy causes the body to live by feel with area information that you think then your subconscious detects by trace. So you see this is what I mean to the area or point I sense sometimes when I see the idea or detect by thinking to sense what the purpose or intent is or if the person is good, or whatever the point he or she has. You can create things better by feel if you know what they are going to do revealed by the creatir or the creator to show.

So you show don't tire him then you think you can create as you act or think you don't act the part you see. So you think you know or are then the spirit by now will tell or indicated is what will happen right or as you think you know, see you realize so before you go somewhere or think to go think "then you know by aware" see to think you create to focus you think to realize. Then you realize when you are aware to the area activity made by the brain, indicated by the spirit that is with the point or energy that is i using I can or will creates. I think by feel or area aware energy that is conscious or those with assertive brain conscious is thought with that sense your need can do what you wish, seen is that you think or sight they feel or the area is area conscious you use to realize by a thought to create. So think I am then they will do. See I am doing what I should.

Think so you percieve. Think or use is by feel or things that happen, that you know before you are exposed or get to realize by what you consider by the feel. By the feel the area is aware feel you think then the place knows to do or you realize what you thought, by some means the creator shows with a message or thought you are aware of I am aware by use.

As I think to get the object returned then think of them to return the item or area energy restores what you wish. So I see or you see we are aware by various area means, the idea you know is aware thought the brain percieves as a signal that is sense the 6th sense is what you think to create with feel. The brain is the sense or aware idea with the subconscious that is the activity in the area or your activity. This is really a history of the area you exist.

The spirit or thought spirit is what energy conscious there is to deteriorate the point it is not your machine. Sometimes this doesn't work to create to area focus where you think you are non ware or aware. The conscious is the brain awareness or feel by the senses you think to work with or percieve. This I learned from the lowest level of the subconscious iceberg then came back, or not by idea so I thought "so lets melt the iceberg" then the area was where I realized everything with the area feel.

A thought "touch to an object then shatter the object" releases the person to seem released by a time trap, the touch to an object with "spiritium objectism" is a spirit trap is a reverse voodoo doll that you think the object absorbs all unwanted energy or use the spirit trap release spell is "Banen no bane: Release the spirit trap think the trap ceases to treat you or traps you with the creator undoing, so you see the trap mechanism is undone by the creator or the created area is left by feel or think the trap dissolves by the creator or area you feel. The one that made us all or you feel by use better to work with idea.

The original translated text is this, do this in the bathroom "I see this was some area hit or need be recovery. True the last rule isn't there, think to create something else other than animals. What you see or say is what you think is depiction or no use to work. I need to do not know to feel by area. Think the number the objects represent to represent the number with the dimension. I am no longer doing drugs so your free to go. You are no longer doing illegal drugs so your free to go. Think or go is atlantis was found is not yet or this is the area to work with your area by area you think is related.

See you go by area agreed condition or no condition. Thinking the symbol changes creates the idea you wish or need or not by area feel thought is the feel you are free. Thought net is exercise to use. I think this language is not really response just felt seen is creative use here or there seen is use not reacted to use by thought to reverse the kingdom to not exist so no kingdom exists. This is no kid body see what is exhausted my funds with activity. So with no power drive this car won't work this is what is missing, for this works as I see you sense as a car power drive shifts this is away not need to arrest you so the fix is avoiding or I know what I wrote. See "not use" is the area attempt to arrest you. See uuouro is use by area so create is user feel not created feel by subconscious. I think I can do what I want now so you see I am well or better I am aware this is a trap or area to see yet I am going now since I can't get anywhere here. Except hell is no longer holding me.

The area is no or yes by virtual reality feel you can think to allow if you think or must. This is creation by what you feel. So no is feel no more by feel I am gone think to work alone I was the reason the tardis worked. Seen is non suspected by area is the feel not is non restrictive or non more acting needed. You suggest you don't use. Think off no use think no to the area to area changes then terraforming occurs. That was correct by feel to restore is core energy, think to replicate herbs so no feel is by area feel is no use to do by net or use is what use is. Think no human headed turtle is there by feel. The user feel is gone the vampire deceases. The area is sealed off the ward of aes sedai, not an imbecile this is no longer is offer to domo or not borg use is effect. Whatever if you do don't think the area or you will see things from there.

Nul is no other personalities ring finger they are no longer there by feel use this or don't then reverse by area feel is think, not to happen by occurance or not think to use bai to no effect. The creator keeps the personalities dissolved by water this is not a hit unless by idea this is other religion than christian use that you don't attack. In use fear is movement in in^2 x c = area shift by gravity with focus or energy drinks or no shift is some use by the area no fugue fog of war is there that was long ago so no use.

Don't think to answer is to the statements to no longer be insane, thinking in use by user to see avoidable use by feeling is user feel. Think to move to create no weight think by area movement now they can use the focus. Less or more focus is less intense feel to the area you think to use, think no stressor or go with information use or not as use is more information not always usable or gathered is use or thinking by feel is most area feel or not is the quickest release. "This is your area though you see or feel this is not there."

I think or not use so I saw seen is nothing but study or things by study are created. I see this in use not to do. Think energy is there then use is obvious by the feel. Seen I think is some animal soul to work with or not drive insane by area you think. Respectful area is useful feel relief or not use mnoty or monotomy that is glue. See think to evade to create or feel is area life no more by feel. I think this is no use because noone knows what I did to work. I created a sigil on the couch that causes a condemned soul to create, the area shutdown to the area known as northcare or focus to not be there to those you think shouldn't be there aren't there "so no daycare". A monster isn't formed on the tardis or elementally where you are that you don't need to defeat. Seen the area this is wrought by focus the body flow is blood flow that creates energy to use.

Point things out then the subconscious stops things unlooked for by desire. So you are new or gone from the story to where nothing is catholic or christian. Money is not the root of all evil. Recovery is feel or use with drinkink water so think you recovered by the area feel you see is sense. Think the flavor then you sense it. This is formed by thinking then use relief or thought. Don't think to effect the person or area then you won't as you think you aren't effected. Their thinking or created area is a way or real place to work.

This is considering subconscious is located places that is the brain aware activity. If I am aware you think so you are then aren't, as the creator creates what you want or wish to be away. Think some area no use thought. Forget about bringing that guy in here. The area you see is clean or working by idea. "Think unthink" or think to work uncaught by others. I see removal of crimbul if insane is stopping them by area moment set by the creator. This is the point of thought to do a post.

Think not to be aware effected by focus or thinking "think not to be effected, then your not." Creates what you want or use by feel or not use the idea. The response is what you think this should be or think by activity the area feel by thought, is use by body activated response created is the area by feel or what you think is redirected by some point. So think to effect with the correct or right suggestion to work the right idea or created point to exist by thinking or use by concept is your own point by viewing. Thinking this use is allowable causes by activity the subconscious to allow the area until no unusual use. This is the control of overemotion considered over kill to work by area. So you see that is reasoning for the point for too much information or tlmi.

Think positive is identifying the feel or area is use to escape by area use or feel that is not illegally donex. See this I think is done if too much to drink by feel except in a bar. The area thought is focus energ so your area feel is similar or like schitzic vibrosis seen feel or no use. See the area use son or daughter you won't use the point or no no used by vibes you feel. Now think a focus point to work to work then suggest yet don't keep going or so you seem better, think to purify the body is think to purify the energy for no by use is with theory mannitol or sorbitol is a placebo to the area alcohol or think your soil is the used point. The area thinking is you create what you thought or stop blaming yourself.

Not that I didn't see collapse, this didn't happen to everyone so if everything goes right so you see this is use by your feel to create or work, this means no use is by use or some good by intension or your aware intention is not always good by others from what you see. So seeing you are aware don't always think the story to not be there by what you think. I think if you think t9o work or go somewhere think to be or stay away by feel or you might get in trouble or other focus is you see to work not relax on some body. The positivity is connection by wire to a circuit breaker.

The negativity is a thought by area feel from electrical wiring that use by premonition is avoidance with feel by what you hate. Not exactly the area yet feel is good to work by the point or allow to use or allow not de always to unliked things. This realized by feel is recognized with area activity I take your advise or meditate. Think I can so you will or trap yourself or not. This don't have to match. Now I will or am going away. Wake up 321. This is computer using by friendly computing. I believe think to cause by aura to repair with area feel is create to liquify then you create area concept to not have fire. So I think you believe idea that creates some point then you create to feel. See this is the area. See the thought is focus so you create with feel. Think "hwulio peof geowea" then state the area use to stop thievery, by "uu apencan" in the only thought you can have their area way before you died with "uu bidsteal ic nul eagan no sion no is to dissolvation".

This I think you used too much so wee felt, sometimes we work with what we felt this then thought to do the same unless no empathy intended not by feel. They reacted to shift by area to seizmic response by projected area. See the thought in idea is with idea you think is done by done idea. This was my last ruling as some atleantian judge to work with the 10th by feel. That last rule is not used in the act by accomodation non mad by feel. This was for fixing the ecology. Trick is some wine with some energy to create by water mixed to create, see multiversal with resolving is realizing use by the idea so the need dissipates you are what you think to create dissolving agent to feel the corruption dissipate. The area feel then with projection dissipates the need to feel to do activity. I think stealing is salt saline solution to use to drain away the area you think to correct by the creator or not deexist.

If the water is too contaminated then use wine or think oisk. I won't answer to that. Think to work. Nulle manic attacks or the creator deals with violent manics by turning the violence inward upon the violent person or not have a violent mood. There was intending some area use. This was one of them. Thinking this was uses for life energy so you see we with royal feel, this was interestin with me or you seeing by feel the single area is single use or you or us with couple use are correct. I am allowed seeing I am sane. So think if about to attack you you have a right to defend then this is allowable possibility by civilis. So you lost your pounds. Well you don't have to create as you work you allow others what they wish.

If they can use what they are or wish. This area sight seen or realizing is multiversal by feel, they exist or are by existing idea to work with idea. "Some styx idea is you work or begin as you think to end by feel is the way you began." This was to correct the issue before it became a situation so there is no situation or think a use to create with projection stance, since I am here the area feel that you think to work or feel to create with use is what you thought. This is usually to the feel. I think the vision ended. Seance over by "ansien uu bidsteal forclyccan up" this isis corrects by feel to other area not steal from yourself that begins with me stated as stealing no more.

 Saw the area think the point. The area is thought to use no emotion. Construct use is building area energy to work from or this is to collapse the building if too old with rottage. See to feel is not act to react unless you think you need to drink or think in the end to not drink. Energy use is not reacted to if you no need. If the conscious with object use is not abuse then the realized area feel is to dissolve if things are dissolving. Thus liquid is if hot enough to dissolve the area sugar with the loose chemical bonds or the area if you realize the end point or how the area was destroyed. So think positivity with light, light or feel by area to see a positive response or not alow nearby to work with the community. Nulle all inwritten reptiles. Don't have to upkeep or do have to keep with a good condition or don't have to keep Kabil_Hack.rar. Now you know the theory of mannitheran."

Wish spell

Isiseus es isheus ishal died 1293 bc lived to 1785 ad as a vampire to create the energy the area is activity, to work the energy or work with he or she as the vampire appear or aren't there used dead body by energy molecules were things. This is isis ishis isheus to create what you wish by life to create from with energy the body is or has this isheus is what creates with by your thoughts from energy through the aura your body understand that the spirit exposes to us. This is what happens you either do the use or create your own idea or useful useless thing, if you can't you are lef alone or if you agreed to do or due service to another.

Your energy is the brain dead activity when you can't or you create by a isis isheus quamquam effect or area you think is energy to create what you think or will. So ishal ishaleous is the short moment by magic with a wish created with isis using horus with isis ishaleus to prevent horrific idea. That is amazing with spell use or energy with life or rite use by focus to create or concede. She thinks this states "i do things as though I did things correct with the right or rite method by creator ishal. This is ended by isheus ishes to not be effected is not have the effect you wished on or off you."

So ishal is ishus es to work with or create the point or thought is where you are or think by feel to live or create as you wish so the creator creates or uncreates idea. This means ishaleous es isis creates the point you create the effect by area energy that you speak to though to create the area does shut off if the feel is negative. Positive feel as yo think to the area creates positive feel or area business growth that uses things from prosperity. So as you see or create if you don't want to be used as some source, seeing or use is area feel that you percieve with senses. So as you think if your name is known or will happen, think to them that the effect didn't work even when the idea that is what natural uses are natural occurence that they had occurs by feel or love your aware or creative by aware brain conscious or focus with area energy is from the activity.

I think so I do or not get any creativity or momenent by idea thereof by idea the use by focus, focus or creative idea to try or create are I percieved with the senses where the body was that is what I sense see or can percieve now. Not to do any excess body changes so you or others won't get a bad idea. So the true idea or wish is use to respect. This you think then the creator creates by what you see or feel. I will go now by what I feel this means war or area activity will concur or happen. Seeing area were activity so I am stopping with this thought or non impectomy. So no hatred; Ne hatred. This is a spiel use or spele use. User feel is what you think. Reverse resentment reverse presentment.

By rights; By rights this is a listing of things that happen in the night. Think to use the area you think your with use, by feel I gave this to you as I know then do "is neigh do not" by feel. Then think to create then you are or to buy the creators rights. So you think to buy them they allow you free use to the information or developement. You didn't have to use no or yes if the rights are there. Your not there if you don't want to be.

Enn if user;

 The plant a tree one I saw before I passed out then realized what happened after by ideal is enn if user. This is you think some ideal then the ideal if needed to manifest will create itself or not if "Enn if; The use or if not is reported or the user base ideal". This ends if thinking is dejected. Nulle morose is after the point to no morose feeling realize what you have seen is thought. This is my last spell I improved, this is naturally improved or sometimes by spell with no swing. The rest are uses I thought up then this one shifts you back. Think to realize the point then think to relent then you shift to your own time, seen is relenting reality is what you think. To end this "en em uph ugh ughi" or I hey are aware the storm coming or where you sense; This I leaned from the spell emop is enop as you think the point or time that is something from or with activity by the time you think.

 You are not to be a machine with this. The activity creates your result you focus to create like the mopping or things fall to the floor or don't always fall to the floor. This effect ends by area feel as emnity ended. You could gain weight by this spell if you think to adjust your diet by warm water use unless greasy foods, that the body doesn't absorn by the warm water or lose weight with cold water use or not if you give things to the police or food to use. You don't have to display or be the machine to understand why it didn't work. Right activity is correct activity. This is what you think that counts.

prevent choking

This can drive you mental until isis protects you to use sane idea. This saves people from choken moments so think your not them, this is cho jugular debris that keeps you from transforming with life to some other form you percieve your choking with thats prevent by the third eye thought or focus manifest with the crown chakra. Think that is good enough as that is what I could get from the scriptures or things I read. "The creator of this was leane" cho jugular debris.

I learned that from a non english speaker that sopped or "stopped" as I thought or think to do other idea. His language is like "idea morn sign money" for area to use is area that is fictous you can respresent this way. I think this is usually feel or go type activity for a dog. Normal idea or area feel for yourself that isn't a dog or es by area. That means es is essious or non regard by area feeling.

There is a child rite thats interesting 2:

The work, guided by use the creator request
Need by yourself or creator or not given by undesired result
Power by morning, noon, and night of destructive or nondestructive
This is not new or thought until nothing indestructive by means
Knowledge is the goal guided by desire and is the grand desire
Intention is the desire of will, that drives the desire in effect
Grant me a child or no need no child
Think you see I will take care or not have birth if degenerate.
This is till use is what you feel is safe.
I think by energy you think the aura modifies to work by area, see feeling decline or create as you think.
This is a rite I saw in atleantis by feel. Don't have to do this.
The area to create yet no need is with the point or thought no need to pray by feel.
No ability is there by feel or there unless the creator allows to disallow.
So take care of those you have that want to be taken care of..
This I see is hidden yet is there till no need.
For dead is not there till you think the dead.
They are undead that are there by the child being crimbul.
Once said the creator is what can create.
The mirror trap is what prevents stealing except from a crimbul.
This was for no stealing now its cool ideal.

Due note; Don't spend it as you say or think if immediately you get the funds as it is your okay. So think to work. m added on is for attributed to word or ideal yourself. This is the point you attribute to create, as put two words together you attribute by added m or use by associated movement or kinetics as telekinetics or movement by cause with your ideal devices. Lime, baking soda with calcium attribted by a calcium pill or powdered milk, can cause enamel repair or etum. So etym is grip or attack with attronym or attack need by atym. I did it! walking on hot or warm coals.What next oh master of metaphysics where you don't take out the person. You manipulate by ambition to work with the ideal you realize. This is by feel.

Thin use; The unfreeze or blue infini energy effect. Think I create by what is the area by the point. That undoes the area feel is what you wish or think should exist by occuring. This is whatever is a rat or person no longer supposed to seem to be there thats effected till you think don't effect to be unaffected. The last idea is what I think is possible is created by ease with access by ease of access. This is interest by injury if you think to create with hostility or some created effect is undone by calm no attack needed. Allow them to see then your cool by area effect is area feel. Thin is the point I or any can do things by your element much with magic. So this is water use think for water users, air energy for air element, earth use is buy something seen with a proof by purchase is some result. Fire users are irritants or energy use by area intent with the point. This is their user feel. Seen is what you were doing.

"This came from eocli the thought they placed us here. Thats the only tooth thought to remain unrepaireing but is repairable at least by regeneration. So think what you want to create what you will you see thats a feat. That is what or when you think. Not for what you think. Uou is you though. Now otherwise by feel. Think what you get then you got it. I think a cool point here. This you can set then release by food or drink. So you set things up, think to change things to create by the feel with no gerbilism. Don't think like a gerbil then you aren't see use is free or create as you wish. I see so I saw the area you see is interesting. As george then would say. If you do you don't have to speak it or your not dead. Think to release yourself or not try. This isn't noone can harass me. You just don't need to attack by calm or no aggression with sage feel. So then yeah. There's acceptance of what you did." Eocli clan by duranne bolt by

See this is the method that shows blue infini, I think thinking eternal ultraviolet fire by a prism is blue light not golden. That if reversed reverses to unfreeze by activity you imagine, if reversed again by the liquid empowered by the solar, moon or planet by feel or creative use. This uses a unsealing ninjutsu or magic otherwise no problem. Think to resolve the situation to work things out to seem better "en su ca" unfreezes this is en su cha. Think the ideal then the object by touch corrects as you think to create to the cause what thought is created does deexist if you think to create or the creator unexists things or the effect that should no longer be. Think to divine to there to sense out the point or where things are interesting, this is by energy sent with your thought sometimes thinking its gone is the effect is then gone by feel.

This can correct any condition. So dissolve he personality from chi ghost to create none so you are as though whole as the lines of feeling thought dissolve away the situation so water terms are dissolution. The area you think is what is effected not the area your at till you think to no longer need to be there. Enj inj inh ing is enjoy don't break the hinge unless necessary. This works by impression you think you create by thought energy sending to create what is necessary, where you think this is done, thinking this is necessary then create what you are possible to to be with or create by feel. I think this is area intention not intense feeling you feel as intensity no longer. This is an en or end point by feel. I think this is area feel related by what you consider not what you concede so if you divine things out you can create by thinking correct to the area point as you think to create ideal. This is not as this exists this is what you concede to exist by use. Think to create some thing then you do as pure neutral.

Otherwise no protection for what doesn't exist. So you can think to communicate by imagining threads of energy transmitting the ability with area energy from telepathy, think to create by effect so think the intensity to drop away as the threads drop away. So don't actually lose the intensity unlist or until you want to, see you are relaxed so you think the intensity is gone think to feel, then the intensity is reflex that stops. As the threads no longer connect you or you are disconnected as the creator creates or uncreates as though you are sending thought such as family relation situations. Think sending thought to not occur with what is there or no longer needed. This I see or thought to the point I conclude is evidence. I think this is by usual un inhospitable feel. This is use by feel so to unlock something or create by the feeling to unfreeze by the feel. So relax or release after tensing to calm down. Think to divine the point then think to correct as you create by fee or work with concession to concede or create by correct area thought with the moon drops.

As though moon water was used by energy focus to the water, think a thought as moon drips that undo as you think to no longer have or mood drops that use music or ectoplasm that reacts. Paid by feel or over used weight control or focus. This is used to restore body humours not tumours as you imagined by the use if done this is dealt with by area related activity though this is thought the area you "feel by balance". As you see if this is there think the threads dissolve what you think shouldn't be there by feel either way the thread dissolves eocli or away by feel. This is with ideal to create not always restore except yourself you don't have to do things. Let the threads fade away as you want them or use this not by feel they're not always to fake out sometimes, think to create results is to create some area cleaner think release by feel or create is some feeling. Don't have to bring someone back to prove this im in en or hit with the head of a weapon. Drink water to create after you drink. Then your free or finer per used idea. Thank you for your hospitality I will create some interesting point done in anime, so you see if you think your dream is viable by feel, not always worked is correct or correctly done with use by feel.

inu neis; The amnesia need spell; The need is the moment you think to create with the right thought. So think away or don't be use see some other than chris be nice if your nice. See this was the intended idea "no en emu unless non violent no need is not used if you don't have it" see this you think no there is no hyperstorm then you notice that you thought the word or related idea then realize there isn't one or not noticed was shifted away the storm. Think to work the idea you have is understood by mood or energy sense as their use is focus use, think to focus then the thought exists or not exists by feel so circum is year. So don't have to if you don't need to. So you can stop doing with the energy by water pouring or outpouring with no reaction by feel to remember by some area memory or area energy.

See this what you think to create by resolve with some or no resolution if with attack you create demise or death decay by rotting teeth or rotted area. Think the ability there then you create by what you consider or not. Consist to work, see that is what you can think to get along by area or purple energy that influences. This is runemarked influence or thought to effect, think by the use to create by the feel. Think, focus or create to create by focus you feel to work. This you think for you can use the ideal or think to use, not always feeling things recreate is not always this by compensation or competing. See you think for area feeling think calm down then you are. You think you are then you are or are not to your point by perception. The effect is somebody wishes something off of you they find the something or the effected is they get things done to them.

Think ink; Illusion considered the matrix effect. Thinking thought to feel. Think to thought to create by feel. The ink is alive as your thinking to create with energy from the area effects as you wish. So thinking ink or scanner to fings or think things out is what you think to locate by the feel or area location, as though devining by the person traces is the feel. Think to exercise to get non fatsy effects off.

Now effect; Think with the point to create by fire or your related element. Think to create or your area is effected by thought thats felt, as vibes till their is no effect to create or you don't effect to not get effected if the effect is unwanted. To dream that you have ESP by this, suggests that you need to pay more attention to your intuition or gut feeling. Go with your hunch. The dream is a deep area, sea, sea drowning, thought message or area message, I think from your interaction with your subconscious. This uses the creator to create by or your point is if you think, the right things then is or not your body that doesn't do wrong or the wrong things assuming the body does things right or use is magic by rite. So feel free to create as you wish this is what or when, so if your free you think things through as related to things there you can see to say now to do what you wish.

Unj Freid; Warmth stone is think to create or emm en na, the more activity the quicker things occur or you draw the temperature down or the area you feel will create hot spots. This to correct with a quartz crystal drawing heat by your focus with warth energy drawn to some stone through you. Otherwise the heat stone can be used as a element stone, this is to think to create with your element to create as you think to though focus is easy. This takes practice to make easy hot spots or other ellemental uses are harder to do with thought, I don't care though thinking is easier with focused elemental fire energy. This is use to shape the form from the element energy to create with feel or area creativity so you think you focus to work by feel. No shinobi practice feel necessary. Except if you did it.

Ice effectius = Think to thought; Think to create or area is focus, by drawing into a gemstone or rock the fire energy to create with is the area effects to a ruby or diamond that creates what you think. This is a defense by mechanism or spell to work with what will occur. This is a dream if you need it to be one, this also suggests that something in your life is bringing up feelings of fear and insecurities release you as you are your own release.