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Thinking by this page is theory as you live or use what is there you are aware this is formulas based off the sun solar terrestial data used by feel with my main page listing is some truth. This is an unevetiable or uneventable by supervolcano cf by chaos percent thats k/a-x = %, so x-flux - k percent as a decimal is your point you make as percent failure. use the negative as 0 %.

the x-flux is used without the b by the number so think b sometimes is where you are aware. so you can think b is a beating feel or not a beating feel if too near the sun is broiling. this applies near the point or use the temperature you feel as a warning, that is too high or no longer too high to turn things on or off as you wish by indication. so think you will never die then you won't. so you won't live if you think this as your too relaxed, i think to allow him or her to enjoy life or death is interesting.

this is with negative impact to yourself as a feel if you sense things. Thinking to create is where or when you think to create some area feel for others by thinking or acting the sign to show what is right. So you give the indication then create to the feel.
When you see is when you think to feel or not feel, you don;t have to feel the feeling when you think to create by feel. All thats needed to think things through, then is create or use by ideal so you see by the ideal. You can create anything, the ideal is create to feel or focus to allow work.

So don't use it till cooled by feel then allowed on this is where k/3 as k percent is also applicable, assuming you want percent chance you risk failure near the turn off temp with the higher the more chance. otherwise things work so don't worry this is the point you think to work with or you will feel the hotness shut the machine down or you could except for those machines, this is with disabled or no shut off point without the temperatures use without that day of disaster theory is use with the turn-off switch.

30% is dangerous 33% is more accurate, so you create the point to shut down if this applies to the point or you can go above shut down temp to burn out the area. think or worry thats normal for a shut down by feel near the temperature 72 c or not by the k-switch. as a switch on the wall you think you switch or not switch things you think about things being on or off.

This is measure the time the event lasts by the k maybe 334k / 3.5s = 95% energy use or temperature by feel. See this is shielded from collapse till 99%. To avoid costing more use area accuracy then with cooling thats good is till 67 c or otherwise 173 degrees farenheit then you could use the machine till it shuts down. think so too "so you see i do not tubb. thinking from this point is useful".

So think to relate better to make better by feel as you related to the moment with area activity. The cooling fan is useful think a better statement. So karakotoa is no longer effecting by the us use thats us or others thought to bring effects to us or not, that get the end by result or feel is when you think or think to do better with roach removal I think to create here you need to have a license.

Going is avisable. Scenes are over think not or nether area use is done no cruelty to others though please. Your out of the game this is so nevermind ne dome by no use or string feel. This came from a weird visual vision flash then I was normal. This is reaching out to the indication you see or sense something wrong to indicate you need to fix things.

So this is thought as though you were. So all use is with the sun chart widget from use with the temperature chart or site chart by area sight or conceit to use. See to feel is feel by area concept what works or doesn't work. This is the widget is on. Unique way to use the sun solar activity values.

So I see not that. I believe x/f - k/f subtracted works for the feel equals the k/o or kelvin per ohm sight feel. X is x-ray, f is flux or area time you think some temperature is unusual in milliseconds or seconds k by feel is kelvin or the k with the widget or chart the higher the temp the more the feel is there own.

Monday, June 8, 2015


These are interests i once had. see you later, i am going to work out as i am with some apothecary and some herb use. you can't seem a creep to others as you are no creep. everything i do ain't fat. a point immense use or relized hi-rise is what are irritant sometimes if used wrong. some other things are what are interesting. some think if an arrangement happens this is supposed so think that the ideal is there then the arrangement is kept.

So i know what is the point by fairness with fee or feel. you no longer freak or feek. so think another way out. by feel I think this was really original but not anymore valid to allow what you say, the next bystandard or ideal by opinion based fact. these are aware thoughts I had since december so i know. by conscious shifting you can create what you consider, if you think to consider you might see to understand you were a child or adult by ideal. if only the means are there.

If you were to shift your consciousness 100% to the astral plane or any other plane, this will switch with the physical or you create a form with the physical that represents the reality. This means the only reason you see the physical area, as more physical than what is all others is because your consciousness is deeply rooted here. So all planes are equally physical for those who exist on an idea there. The death and demise effect is cool and dimension also, learning to shift 100% into higher planes is part of becoming an ascended master.

Like in Buddhism and other practices. There is a word for this, this is 'ethenel'. Think by feel your focus is to use things, think by shifting ya consciousness to the plane that you can form existance and say or think 'ethenel', no is idea apology not needed after summoning energy from the plane. Once you learn to project your astralbody/ethericbody/soulbody fom hellboy in all different planes, the energy from those planes can more easily be brought to this plane.

As your will wills things away, you create by focus that which will you to here. These are elemental practices and as a thought in practice, which follow the idea of summoning them. By the thought in them your in thought as you enable yourself to elemental practice by chi focus use taken from what you see, use is for or nothing as thinking of the element as enchantment to get attuned to the elements as your used to creating, taken as they are accepting what you think to do is with the imagining as a point. This with the effect to do, as you think the elemental effect and feel.

As thought this came from an enchanted forest item to last ancient element book named Elemency written, for an occurance to happen and burned by the church as this was as written with or by Polgara "Eleioya Puaia Freeia" in thought by "Freya Gnowledge". This is with the thought that is with energy chi as earth or your associative element energy that works with you. Focus as you direct your thought in energy realistically does. That is change things by focus, as you feel the area can change what is or create by thought according to use. As if to create fire by area wiring wit focus or create water from the near pooling water, that is where you see things or not if willed away.

The insanity is no longer needed, only done as sometimes you feel in a mood to do. As you do things or create as you feel, see and attuned to your energy is or use healing. Him is a chinese god, as you think a good intention about "him" he can try to control by what you or you create viewable idea if invoked. So think and not always is sports bottles an energy container, what turns monsterous in the form that is thinking in the gender idea. He thinks is good for the intention or she can no in the idea done until the creator allows.

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