Sun energy feel

Thinking by this page is theory as you live or use what is there you are aware this is formulas based off the sun solar terrestial data used by feel with my main page listing is some truth. This is an unevetiable or uneventable by supervolcano cf by chaos percent thats k/a-x = %, so x-flux - k percent as a decimal is your point you make as percent failure. use the negative as 0 %.

the x-flux is used without the b by the number so think b sometimes is where you are aware. so you can think b is a beating feel or not a beating feel if too near the sun is broiling. this applies near the point or use the temperature you feel as a warning, that is too high or no longer too high to turn things on or off as you wish by indication. so think you will never die then you won't. so you won't live if you think this as your too relaxed, i think to allow him or her to enjoy life or death is interesting.

this is with negative impact to yourself as a feel if you sense things. Thinking to create is where or when you think to create some area feel for others by thinking or acting the sign to show what is right. So you give the indication then create to the feel.
When you see is when you think to feel or not feel, you don;t have to feel the feeling when you think to create by feel. All thats needed to think things through, then is create or use by ideal so you see by the ideal. You can create anything, the ideal is create to feel or focus to allow work.

So don't use it till cooled by feel then allowed on this is where k/3 as k percent is also applicable, assuming you want percent chance you risk failure near the turn off temp with the higher the more chance. otherwise things work so don't worry this is the point you think to work with or you will feel the hotness shut the machine down or you could except for those machines, this is with disabled or no shut off point without the temperatures use without that day of disaster theory is use with the turn-off switch.

30% is dangerous 33% is more accurate, so you create the point to shut down if this applies to the point or you can go above shut down temp to burn out the area. think or worry thats normal for a shut down by feel near the temperature 72 c or not by the k-switch. as a switch on the wall you think you switch or not switch things you think about things being on or off.

This is measure the time the event lasts by the k maybe 334k / 3.5s = 95% energy use or temperature by feel. See this is shielded from collapse till 99%. To avoid costing more use area accuracy then with cooling thats good is till 67 c or otherwise 173 degrees farenheit then you could use the machine till it shuts down. think so too "so you see i do not tubb. thinking from this point is useful".

So think to relate better to make better by feel as you related to the moment with area activity. The cooling fan is useful think a better statement. So karakotoa is no longer effecting by the us use thats us or others thought to bring effects to us or not, that get the end by result or feel is when you think or think to do better with roach removal I think to create here you need to have a license.

Going is avisable. Scenes are over think not or nether area use is done no cruelty to others though please. Your out of the game this is so nevermind ne dome by no use or string feel. This came from a weird visual vision flash then I was normal. This is reaching out to the indication you see or sense something wrong to indicate you need to fix things.

So this is thought as though you were. So all use is with the sun chart widget from use with the temperature chart or site chart by area sight or conceit to use. See to feel is feel by area concept what works or doesn't work. This is the widget is on. Unique way to use the sun solar activity values.

So I see not that. I believe x/f - k/f subtracted works for the feel equals the k/o or kelvin per ohm sight feel. X is x-ray, f is flux or area time you think some temperature is unusual in milliseconds or seconds k by feel is kelvin or the k with the widget or chart the higher the temp the more the feel is there own.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Due note

Due note: the sidelink "for more art or uses documents and in the Secret of the mind site", this is needed to load twice so back out or work with the link then create as you think with the thought you get or give what you work with as you feel to set a cookie. otherwise you could get shafted screenwise to another screen, with no set cookie by feel you can see the use is off if you think this then state or think reverse to work or no longer abuse.

this is by the feel or this no longer by feel or no thinking. think to use the point to work the ideal by feel. therefore the weapon is set by a disassociated thought or area ideal set to do so "you think to do know", so you think to create no havoc there has not to be anyone there to create this effect. this is the end of experience, the end of the formula formulation.

this follows the ideal you don't have to do, what you won't want to do that can change what the timeline you think is there by vision, prophecy or other fortune divination. that means creative use or area focus to correct the problems, as long as you wait for the response. the point things that are there there if allowed for are given or allowed are with factual area focus by things you see by request. thats the fact if you can come up or down with things as nope you see things. the sense i then think is useful if this is no paralyzation so you think to release yourself from if in a dream.

this is where i think to create or no longer think back to work with something here. these are jedi techniques though with the sense you think you create. think the water is pure, then the incredible, this use is by what you think or use protection for. if you thought to use the ideal you might find trouble or you will likely hand things back. think the point or use the ideal this is where things end. i think jedi thinking is sometimes overated or not as you think no use. this is a point you think up. thinking this doesn't as you see the point end this by your feel.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

last news report

so this is an interesting news report i saw from my tank going past that i saw somewhere with my past life by view.

think to create things that work for you by the creator. this is my last news story as i feel something imitating you by the ideal a cup can create any ideal if the cup holds things. so i think i will end this by killing the doppleganger then continuuing with my story complete. this is hell as you may know so think your away, then do what you want or you won't get things to do. seen is the thought you are away or aware as a gifted individual. thinking others will create the point you think to use by the feel. so this ends my reporting as i am no longer alive, so you get your ideal right this is nothing if i am something or something.

if you think your some idealist person that exists as you think your alive. think not to shadow clone to not copy a soul the person has except to learn so think this is no more than a point removed because it is as you think so you think no longer to get that bad news think positively. thinking advanced warning is what you think to create or think your aware by the focus point. so think your aware then gone from the area you think. so you see this you can't use this or can use what you wish to use.

this is my last ideal this is not as you think is for real though, if you think it is then thinking creates what you wish to see. now i will continue. not a con. just some soul. thinking to work with others. including others that think me well. thinking i am well is what saves me everytime. that is the given message that i read off my painting. think i am thinking then a few remember is the other. this is left there. think i am thinking to work with others. think i am thinking to work with him or not as the creator disallows me to take advantage of the situation or think i am as the creator.

not creating anymore going to go home now. thinking to use things as i feel. as i feel better or good enough no longer not to go no longer. now its gone. its a semblance of my cloud or myself. i think this is face drawing by painting. thinking this is a gate picture to go somewhere else, as new area not with anything or anyone that recognizes me. thinking to work with another soul that could help me work or paint my art.

i think this is my soul now i have two, one by the ideal one i have myself or not used is my ideal by feel. i will stop stealing now. i learned my painting lesson by the feel, this was on my church painting wall. the other pictures have this is my regard to people. this is thought to thieves    that are near somewhere somehow. this is a moment i couldn't live without. this is a moment i am living with. i hate you as i am you thats the last message. interesting message to the teller. i think i am unregarded so i will leave people alone.

this is the point i saw there or noted down by feel. there were 4 people surrounding him that wrote then thee was one. that must be a shadow land. this is a point or place i will call a subdimensional hell that he wants to escape from. so i will allow him to go as i think. think noone is none to stop the soul thief diablo or think to allow the precious artifacts you think are there to disappear.

this means he thinks this is my last report i think so too till he recovers from what you think or what he thinks. this is a point i am going to say farewell for now since i am tired. yet really i am no longer important he says, so i might as well say stay the hand think the arrangement over think the point fair. thus farewell, seen by now to work as you wish is what you wished for so fae fare thee well.

quotation you don't have to do

this is quotation you don't have to do

great for the ideal. practical feel, by focus by knowing. cool point to create control of your own mind thinl to focus then think that you have control.

we halve the state menace.

sealing wax is sealing focus is calming to nul by walking away with no different rage runes. so money is the root of disposion by position or the disposition is this isn't the evil you thought it was this is the area or place you think to survive as money is the point your not a problem. so think no then so survival is the point with no fighting, think to create what you think will create as some say is correct as right. this isn't the thwapper known as the thwapper.

so you think to create, you fought with your shammie. think no drugs to create what you think.

jimmie hendrix; this is the indicated state that is there not what is unknown as you think the creator thinks for the undead. this i think then i am aware or creative by the feel. this is activity so think something else. this is creative by the feel. so if not allowed don't let him or her in unless allowed for so the manager allows for him or her. this is what i think.

the rain is what it is, i think this raining will cease if you think it will.

this will stop when the atmospheric conditions causing it move along with the wind that is cause for the wind to stop the storm as you think the rain moves off with the clouds you did magic by the view or feel. this is "fe fi fo fum" meaning by ideal.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The ideal that set the jedi scene

To think the blade barrier idea is only when near someone you don't like as you reach out its someone you don't like. As you think the blade that attacks is a barrier to assault things or not to attack with in essence to use to what you can cause as in infliction by damage to those if thought sent to those to change or reuse their ability by idea to create some idea. This sumo comoto communota that the body changes by water intake this space is very complicated if you even enter you will die then changes back after the idea is done. Yes I did that. I am a magic fox I can do anything. I can do any idea don't be demented. Not to bear or be pain. Protection is almost anything as if a protective plant. As if a "es esseus deceus" or interesting greeting as you say or think "undying radical". As I see this is to form guardians as you think necessary in form that you think to form. This is a method in unusual punishment meant for them. See to set something somewhere you are if you are unseen by work or not, so invisible to the third eye omnivision to see some arera or area you notice to avoid as you think upper vibration. Sight by the spirit realistically to not seem, this is upper area feel not depending to the place where the eyes avoid to see what use you have using the area feel.

See or feel vibration by feel with area presence, so you create by idea or area you sense as you think to sense me I sense. See or as you are sometimes seeable if, you thought to be seen this you sorta thing or see so you say. Beware what you see moving by what is thee or there by feel. See to hypervibrate with the light energy to shift to where you came, so you can see what is there yet you see to do or not react by the person you sense in the area with feel or with aware idea even though you don't sense them. This proves the invisible man effect. Make a good reason for acceding by the fact or use is user basing by feel. So you say the area is not except to see or seem somewhere as you thought in energy you materialize, so something else is what is hyperspace or area movement creates a faster area noticing. See as you are not jealous by what are feel by people, think calm or area feel is association by sense an area that seen. Seen or removed rnoess removed you think or see you feel there is then there seems a point resolve. The point is some ideal you can use so you can create, see or get people to work with you as you work with them niceley as though you served their purpose. This means they are finding you useful to them if you want to stay near or nearby are some use to them. If your use to them they are use for you, so they are alive.

As you see to your things your not always sense to another, so your not effected as if by demons. See or say is so you see this is what you see or not noticed by feel. Movement is sustainable by feel to see or shift around or not as you go, stop as you feel shift away by felt area moment not prisoner is just moving so you walk away as you think not stupid to seem somewhere. Sometimes this you see is else or not heart attack as you say you do if too use or think not too much focus. Vibration is also by volcanic reactivity or area you sense is avoid slight to create quicker movement or pace or confusion is to the other person not stop roll. This means orbitioning by slower spinning atomic energy area to create what you want with no hypervibrated so you are aware. So as you were or create your sight is area or aware feel with the third eye area thought as so or other use. See or net set is cool the year you see or have nothing yet you need to work on what you feel. See or not if illegal drugs your out. No christianity as no use to it. See as you are cool don't use hate. As no use is stop, quiting use or feel by times. This is another use for the area energy clean by feel an thought..

Sunday, May 3, 2015

just another interesting letter.

This is some interesting letter i came across that explained magic.

"Just another interesting letter, because i was irritated at the people near me think to your use to seem nice not brutal. to hide by forms amonst you so think a black light to disintegrate or allow particles to form from dust, for air molecules to form a shape then the light will too if you need it to by the feel. kudilini is the special properties of mana or magic that create as you cause things to exist by the feel. Feel or free yourself as you think or create away points in a game to not be in the game unless you think away you won't create an away point. So think to create as you wish. This is as you would wish with no brutality.

Then you think to the feel or feeling you wish to work then you will thus you are aware. Thus if in use you are aware by used ideal that is a living not a form. Snake or animal people are what is there now, so think to be somewhere else if you were going to shift away. So no now think to the use or your usage is what or where you think. Think no shadows to dispel them from the area. Think to create by the feeling you have or you won't know to exist other places by the area i mean your aware by the feel i mean no menacing blows. Not to think to do but just try or dodge to just think for yourself from focus to the blows you could percieve.

Think by the point you are similar but different by the difference you show by area exposure. This is the point to dnd you are dead then demised by the feeling you think or you are aware to the facts your aware or suck energy as blood for water. Thats the only two waware states a vampire has right? you are actually one as you have a spirit or soul with the point you think to use. So what i read was interesting points fictional use is what you concede to the use. So think to use things more wisely is not thinking your there.

Effected by the shadows so the creator or subconscious the creator causes to do hings by mimicry is allowing you free or other including money. This is there by use or your use is by your own thoughts. That is the case for modern wizardry too by the elements you create then if on you use alchemy that is all that is so your aware your free, think to the point your aware to to area to cause consciousness to the point you think your awareness is what you think. So by and all this just another interesting letter."

Saturday, May 2, 2015

disaster relief plan

 c-f/x= speed by light flow is subtracted from lava energy flow with time divided by x-ray for area shift. just think about the point then you are area shifted by gravity or shifted by light. this is fire fury yet depends on the formula you use. so x-c/f-s is not a safer way. you can change body fat with no being connected or seeming near. out of the cubic cube so n audio slave no. i have been through this is not expent no longer as you say you say not too blind to see so you said it. everytime i think save i will save. unless i don't have to save. whatever i am i am not summoned here. people don't react so i am fine this is what i mean by area reaction, so i will protect my stuff better or not try to get some card back as the point is done.. one doesn't threaten one isn't opposite one doesn't have to leave till they want to return. i am not targeted ever this you see by ideal need not needed is still there except for your own presence. i was pal to pal or allowed by feel.

send not = this is a joke send as if this is there until thought this is real so this is a useful spirit send only if you are sending a spirit by necromancy using a neutral voice or tone, otherwise you think to work as though your thought was the sent energy as you think to a picture to send things then they are still there till you think they are sent then your body finds a way to send what you think is the way to work with them as to unform or shrink by what you think is the use. so resolution is disaster relief by this means. the wellness recovery action plane called wrap.

  so use is a candle or candle wicks otherwise to resolve inner conflicts by inner resolve by some cands. 1 is for manifest, two is realization, three is mind resolution by resolve four is by feel to resolve if focus energy is to to materialize results to calm down. other than candles is wicks as you think 5 or whatever, so to cause no conflict if what you want is inner resolution sometimes by magic that is with some effect. think the opposite to state a suggestion to no longer cause things like this is not the ideal to get things better or think slenderer as you just think to drink water or eat food. just realize the soul is inner peace or insight you think, then feel to resolve by feel. think to avoid the high fructose or plastic eating though to avoid things that cause weighing up.

  i tend to think this is amazing weight loss if you can stick with it. think as you eat chocolate "this is your ideal mention that is chocolate by feel that feels so right by feel" then see what you feel at the moment think if the situation you feel then is thought to no longer react by feel or by the feel. i think cocoa with sage with cinnamon fixes anything. so if you think the supplies last they will, as you think the subconscious allows "this is thought for the supplies you can get or i have not you."

 this you don't take offense for to work by defense those that are offensive are no longer there, so you are aware so you don't have take a drug test or safe drug to sense or no longer be trapped. see this is so are aware till you think your trapped on the planet thats unsafe. you think your gone think to work the use herbs instead. this is sometimes with dopamine or water energy that he enduces. so think to create no more to the point you consider.

 this is or was your last actual warning. so i won't seeya where you are. think to no longer allow me near you in your subconscious. this is energy in an enent the worlds biggest trap event. the world of drugs by the fact now the creator stops the bad from happening. think to cause no argument to prove a point? think to cause one thats beneficial. that means to cause calm no war intended.

 so no if caught somewhere think yes your way out is to no longer bother us or the area you think to bother ever again. ciou is dead or happy ending. so think its true. that god can be multiple spaces at once. he or she is the 6th dimensional god alouou by theory called "your dejected no longer do unless you don't". severity of the thought is severity you think is the moment. this is the last time.

 i am not religious so i know this. what you is there is what you think. what you don't is what isn't there. there is no need except herbs use to revive if necessary, so use sage with any herb or you can think to calm to the point to work by thinking this is use by the creator to prevent insanity. this is my last thought. there you have it the disaster recovery plan, that is they are there if the ideal doesn't work so think of something else. so you can playact or act things by feel.

  this i believe is the point you think is right by use with the correct means. things work by what you think or do to create as things work themselves out, as you think conflict resolution the resolution the conflict by resolve to do normal ideal does not have what conflicts with noone. as you think or where you think then work with what you have or not feel to do something. this by the feel is difference by association to the area use. that is reason by resolve for no war. for what you don't have is no or not needed by the area you think to calm people think peace then speak to calm that is by use the voice feel.

Friday, May 1, 2015

the malicious letter revised

the last offense "or not" by the use the original is to click here.

  this you take offense to work defense to those that are offensive, so you are aware so you don't have take a drug test or safe drug to sense or no longer be trapped. see this is so are aware till you think your trapped on the planet thats unsafe. you think your gone think to work the use herbs instead. this is sometimes with dopamine or water energy that he enduces. so think to create no more to the point you consider. this is or was your last actual warning. so i won't seeya where you are. think to no longer allow me near you in your subconscious. this is energy in an end event entirely thought the worlds biggest trap. "thatts" the big picture the small picture is what you art to create.

  the world of drugs by use or tea is what is caffiene laded to not allow addiction except with high fructose or artificial fruit fructose. i think the fact now, the creator stops the bad from happening. so if caught somewhere think your way out to no longer bother us or the area yu think to bother ever again. ciou is dead or happy ending. so think its true. that god can be multiple spaces at once. he or she is the 6th dimensional god alouou. severity of the thought is severity you think is the moment. this is the last time. i am not religious so i know this. what you is there is what you think. what you don't is what isn't there. there is no need except herbs use to revive if necessary, so use sage with any herb you think the point to work is use by the creator to prevent insanity.

   this was a false system produced by the soul for a volcanic reaction so i think to use a few notes you thought your thoughts are well hidden by, so use this "is" by the fact you are aware then the area you think or uses are your aware this is by the fact you are fooling yourself to belief systems that aren't ours so you may think you understand this is not to feel so think with the feel or you think. this place has turned into a death trap that is why your there not here as a death trap is disruption to the area to cause what you think you can form to leave by the means you see or sense that are necessary till thought. this i think is the last entry to this blog so i will add this thought as another. this was a waste of time except for the trap that is the fruit not the food. as you think to create with food you create by the food you think you exist by the point. otherwise the pont you hold by the point or release by the feel.

   so time energy forward is aec time frequency music or tunes or not with a e g thats not energy by some music the first sends you forward the second sends you back. so you avoid the common ill if possible the vitamin b complex with the fried food or no fried food with water. thanks to you that created this ideal i realize this was where i thought is the point. these are the notes. this is the most badass letter i found thats vicious otherwise the most malicious letter.

  that the burning puffs indicate my last laugh as you burned my house down with fireworks to prove you were a god and i lied that i could defeat you. but this is not my last joke so think not to get worse. don't need to call for help gonna leave you alone. whatever happens you don't lose your mind. if use is a difference this is none to use. think to create by the feel or feeling, thinkg the ideal is what will create value. think the line to work with the point. this the think point is no longer necessary. this is no or allowing use. so women are what shape they are other use is what they the thought makers make. i am going to leave now. then hope to find a livable planet to live or work with thats alive with living people with no fight en. see this is rather interesting. lightworkers work some are a group formed by jedi.

   the last note entry is a true one, you are a were only if you think you are an is their death god, the point you think to the death you do not feel he causes. this was a trap or trick to get you killed by those that despised you. this i know because the energy causes area energy the right way the belief systems are there by the feeling you think you do not feel you think to feel so your fooling yourself. so stop fooling yourself to create or work things out. this was the last note: you are fooling yourself by the belief system you use to understand us that you do not know us at all you just think you do as you think you know that is the death gods ploy to work your ideal if you were convinced to not exist.

   others are not immune an to you so think before you speak or the god thats deadlty can seem there to kill your friends off by poison. jedi are a joke, they were humane people that played along. so this is the last lasting laugh to you that wronged me you see you were right. i was en manipukating or psi that is manipulating the area energy to manipulating with kinesis or psychokinesis to end things.

  this is something your mind made up by manipulating the energy or activity by use. as you manipulate mind telepath, you get manipulated so they were as though there. because you believed they were they were never there. as aesidur says you were wronged you no longer need to know to attack someone else think to visit us instead. this is pointed to the area you think. the calm is what you think resolves conficts to no longer conflict by the peace you think.

  think the first time you create then create to the touch to create as you wish. to create you think or work by the feel, then you create more or stop by the ideal you think to create then no longer create with what you get. so you create you are worthless you tried this stuff then you will know nothing works right with the broken things around it. no i don't care for it because most won't get off the stuff i know about as observed by substitution with some switch effect. this i think is my last letter. think to create something to what you think is worth your time or think to avoid those that you pissed off. you won't till you think to avoid then how long do you think to avoid people.